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SIOP Organizational Frontiers Book Series Update

Robert D. Pritchard

The Board for the Frontiers Series has been active over the last year. The board for the last year has been:

Fritz Drasgow
Michele Gelfand
Michael Frese 
Steve Kozlowski
Eduardo Salas 
Lois Tetrick 
Robert Pritchard,

Two volumes have recently been published and can be ordered at a discount from the SIOP Web site at https://www.siop.org/PubHub/. Click on the Organizational Frontiers Series link.

The Dark Side of Organizational Behavior, edited by Ricky Griffin and Anne OLeary-Kelly
Discrimination at Work: The Psychological and Organizational Bases, edited by Robert Dipboye and Adrienne Colella 

The following volume is in press at Erlbaum:
Situational Judgment Testing, edited by Jeff Weekley and Robert Ployhart

Volumes under contract:
The Psychology of Conflict and Conflict Management in Organizations, edited by Carsten De Dreu and Michele Gelfand
The Psychology of Entrepreneurship, edited by J. Robert Baum, Michael Frese, and Robert Baron
Perspectives on PersonOrganization Fit, edited by Cheri Ostroff and Timothy Judge
Learning, Training, and Development in Organizations, edited by Steve Kozlowski and Eduardo Salas
Work Motivation, edited by Ruth Kanfer, Gilad Chen, and Robert Pritchard 

Approved by Board, contract in process
Team Effectiveness in Complex Organizations and Systems: Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives, edited by Eduardo Salas, Jay Goodwin, & C. Shawn Burke 

Planned volumes:
Aging and the Workforce
Disabilities in the Workforce

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