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The Industrial-Organizational Psychologist

Vol. 43/No. 1  July 2005

Featured Articles 

A Message from Your President
Leaetta Hough

Recipient of the 2004 SIOP Distinguished Professional Contributions Award Postmodernism and Applied Psychology: A Long Road
Frank J. Landy

Recipient of the 2004 SIOP M. Scott Myers Award for Applied Research in theWorkplace: PDRIs Adaptability Research Program
Elaine D. Pulakos, David W. Dorsey, and Rose A. Mueller-Hanson

2003 Income and Employment Survey Results for the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology
Gina J. Medsker, David A. Katkowski, and Daniel Furr

Research Productivity of I-O Psychology Doctoral Programs in North America
Joy Oliver, Carrie A. Blair, C. Allen Gorman, and David J. Woehr

Conference Highlights

Editorial Departments

From the Editor: Nothing Endures But Change 
Laura L. Koppes

Education & Training in I-O Psychology: Recipient of the 2005 SIOP Distinguished Teaching Contributions Award:  Try Not To Be Mean. Try To Have Fun.
Marcus W. Dickson 

The Career Column: Women in Academe: A SIOP Panel Discussion 
Lynn A. McFarland

Practice Network: Learnings from the SIOP Conference
Scott L. Martin

On the Legal Front 
Smith v. City of Jackson: Adverse Impact in the ADEAWell Sort Of

Art Gutman

What I Learned Along the Way
Frank J. Landy

Increasing Diversity at SIOP: The Future is Now
Miguel A. Quiones and Winfred Arthur

Global Forum 
Going Global: Opportunities and Threats For I-O Psychology
Michael M. Harris

Changing Places in a Small World
Detroit to Berlin: A German American in Germany

Boris Baltes

Spotlight on Local I-O Organizations
The Ottawa I-O Psychology Group: Meeting, Networking, and Sharing Expertise in Canadas Capital City

Sunjeev Prakash, Greg Sears, and Sikander Majid

Adam Bandelli, Gabriel E. Lopez Rivas, and Raymond Charles Ottinot

The High Society: Dear I-O
Paul M. Muchinsky

News and Reports

Report on the Twentieth Annual Doctoral Consortium
Kathleen K. Lundquist and Harold W. Goldstein

New SIOP Executive Director Hits the Ground Running
Clif Boutelle

Looking Forward to Washington D.C.: Division 14 (SIOP) Program for This Years APA Convention 
John C. Scott

2005 SIOP Award Winners
Joyce Bono

Announcement of New SIOP Fellows
Gary Latham

Destination Dallas: SIOP Program 2006
Julie B. Olson-Buchanan

SIOP Conference News: Los Angeles, Dallas, and Beyond
Donald M. Truxillo

LGBT and SIOP: A Report From L.A.
Eden B. King and Mikki R. Hebl

Eisma, Shoemaker, and Haaland Win Hugo Cup!
Lance Andrews

Its a Big (Media) World: SIOP Members Urged to be Proactive in
Telling I-Os Story

Clif Boutelle

A Review of the Legal Research and Legal Topics Presented at SIOP
Elizabeth McChrystal

The Future of I-O Psychology: A Survey of SIOP Members
Elizabeth Lentz, Matthew D. Tuttle, Tammy D. Allen, Stephane Brutus, and Charles Handler

Secretarys Report
Lisa M. Finkelstein

Got Visibility?
Wendy S. Becker

Professional Development Cluster Update
Adrienne Colella

Education and Training Committee: Year End Report
Time Frame: April 2004April 2005

Steven Rogelberg

SIOP Organizational Frontiers Book Series Update
Robert D. Pritchard

SIOP Fellows Committee
Gary Latham

Communications Task Force 
Mary Doherty

SIOPs Second Teaching Institute 
Ronald S. Landis and Michael J. Burke

The 26th Annual Industrial Organizational Organizational Behavior (IOOB) Conference:
Surfing the Waves of I-O Psychology

Elizabeth McChrystal, Abhishek Gujar, and Carrie Harmon

SIOP Members in the News
Clif Boutelle

Announcing New SIOP Members
Talya N. Bauer


Adrienne M. Bauer and Laura L. Koppes







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