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Foundation Endowment Reaches $1,000,000 and Other News

Paul W. Thayer
SIOP Foundation President

As announced at the annual conference, the SIOP Foundation reached $1,000,000 this year, and we are already working on the second million. Ann Howard has doubled the size of the endowment for the Bray and Howard Award that provides grants for research on assessment centers and/or management development.  Doug’s passing in May was a blow to all.  He was an innovator and researcher of the first rank.  Ann has asked that those who want to offer a remembrance do it through a contribution to the Bray and Howard Award Fund.  We are saddened by his passing.

Two new initiatives are of interest, the Raymond A. Katzell Media Award and the Mary L. Tenopyr Scholarship Fund.

Late last year Kitty Katzell, Ray’s wife of many years, made a generous gift to endow an award that will recognize members of the media, such as science writers, reporters, television writers, directors, and so forth, who have publicized evidenced-based science and/or practice in public media.  Some members are excited enough about this new means of making I-O psychology more visible that they are adding to Kitty’s gift.  Jan Wijting, one of Ray’s students, is spearheading such a drive. 

If you are interested in doing so, send a check as described below with Katzell Media Award on the note line. With current contributions, a prize is possible of $4,000 plus expenses to attend the annual conference and address us. The greater the endowment, the larger and more attractive the award.

Mary Tenopyr expressed an interest and provided funds in her will for a graduate scholarship.  Several thousand dollars have already been contributed by others to make a substantial scholarship possible.  Jerry Kehoe, Shelly Zedeck, and Frank Erwin are approaching former colleagues and friends.  If you wish to add to this fund, send a check as indicated below, noting that it is for the Tenopyr Fund.

All checks should be made out to the Toledo Community Foundation/SIOP Foundation, and sent to:
The SIOP Foundation
P.O. Box 1205
Bowling Green OH 43402

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