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The Industrial-Organizational Psychologist

Vol. 41/No. 2  October, 2003


A Message From Your President
Mike Burke

Why SIOP Needs an Association With APA
Ann Marie Ryan and Nancy T. Tippins

APA Presidential Elections
Michael J. Burke

Fax-Back Scoring: A Cautionary Note
Vernon A. Peterson

I-O Psychology and the Synthetic Team Member: The Blue Pill or the Red Pill? 
Richard L. Griffith, John E. Deaton, and Lisa A. Steelman 

Representation of I-O Psychology in Introductory Psychology Textbooks
Amber B. Raley, Jennifer L. Lucas, and Melissa A. Blazek

Will the Real Emotional Intelligence Please Stand Up?  On Deconstructing the Emotional Intelligence Debate
Catherine S. Daus and Neal Ashkanasy

How to Get Ahead in Academia: 12 Easy Steps to I-O Stardom
Robert P. Tett and Kevin E. Fox

Gaining Visibility and Working Effectively With the Media
Clif Boutelle

Editorial Departments

From the Editor: SIOP & APA
Debra A. Major

The I-O Ethicist
Bill Macey

The Career Column: What Does It Take to Start a Successful Consulting Firm?
Lynn A. McFarland

What I Learned Along the Way
Frank J. Landy

Leading Edge: The Excel Quick Fix
R. Jason Weiss

Practice Network:
Speeding Down the Information Highway: Internet Recruitment and Testing

Michael M. Harris

Education & Training in I-O Psychology:
Utilizing Applied Projects in I-O Graduate Training: A Checklist to Help Ensure Successful Experiences

Elizabeth L. Shoenfelt

On the Legal Front: The Grutter, Gratz, & Costa Rulings
Art Gutman

The High Society: Boxes and Arrows
Paul M. Muchinsky

Spotlight on Local I-O Organizations:
Minnesota Professionals for Psychology Applied to Work (MPPAW): Keeping Connected to Peers and the Profession

Elise L. Amel and Kyle Lundby 

TIP-TOPics for Students
Jaime Durley, Corey Muoz, and Andi Brinley 

News and Reports

Proposed Changes in Article VII (22) of the SIOP Bylaws
Robert L. Dipboye

Proposed Change in Article VIII (2) of the SIOP Bylaws
Dianna Stone

Proposed Changes in Article II of the SIOP Bylaws (International Affiliates)

Proposed Changes in Article II of the SIOP Bylaws (Membership Process)

Michele E. A. Jayne

(Almost) Everything You Wanted to Know About the SIOP Program but Were Afraid to Ask
Part I: Opportunities and Constraints for SIOP 2004

Robert E. Ployhart, Donald Truxillo, and Jeff McHenry

Preconference Workshops for SIOP 2004: You Wont Want to Miss These
Luis F. Parra and Joan Brannick

SIOP 2004 Expanded Tutorials
Lisa M. Finkelstein

APA 2004: Would You Like an Excuse to Visit Hawaii?
Scott Highhouse

Report of the August 2003 Meeting of APA Council of Representatives
Kevin R. Murphy

Workforce/Workplace Mismatch? Work, Family, Health & Well-Being Conference
Dianne Brown Maranto

Department of Homeland Security Developing Its Human Resource Management System
Dianne Brown Maranto

SIOP Members in the News 
Clif Boutelle

Announcing New SIOP Members 
Michele E. A. Jayne


Lisa M. Germano and Debra A. Major




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