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A Message From Your President

Leaetta Hough

It is too hot and too humid in Lake Wobegon where all the women are strong, all the men are good looking and all the children are above average. Even so, they are all wilting. When you read this column, life and temperatures (I hope) will have returned to normal in Lake Wobegon.

SIOPs First-Ever Leading Edge Consortium: October 2829, St. Louis

Entitled Leadership at the Top: The Selection, Globalization and Ethics of Executive Talent, this years fall consortium will provide an in-depth look at many facets of executive talent. The event, to be held in the Westin Hotel in St. Louis, is only days away. Were looking forward to an innovative and interactive consortium that brings together leading-edge thinkerspractitioners, researchers, HR executives, and philosophersto examine critically important issues of assessment and selection, development, ethics, and contextual influences including culture, nationality, and characteristics of executives and executive teams. In addition to formal presentations, debates, and Q&As, the consortium is designed to engage participants and speakers with each other at informal breaks, luncheon and dinner tables organized around discussion topics, and a Friday evening reception. The number of attendees will be a manageable size providing a rare opportunity to discuss many issues with people who have extensive experience in the area.

Many internationally known experts are among our speakers. Our keynote speakers are:

  • William Mobleypresident and managing director, Mobley Group Pacific, and professor of management, China Europe International Business School
  • Jeff Sonnenfeldfounder, president, and CEO of the Chief Executive Leadership Institute of Yale University, and Lester Crown Professor-in-the-Practice of Management and Assistant Dean, Yale School of Management
  • Mirian Graddick-Weirexecutive vice-president for Human Resources, AT&T

Other speakers include Alec Levenson (research scientist, University of Southern California Center for Effective Organizations), Allen Kraut (professor of management, Baruch College, and president, Kraut Associates), Ben Dowell (vice-president, Talent Management, Bristol-Myers Squibb), Bob Muschewske (senior vice-president, Personnel Decisions International), David Campbell (senior fellow, Center for Creative Leadership), David Nadler (chairman and CEO, Mercer Delta), Deniz Ones (professor, University of Minnesota), Doug Reynolds (vice-president, Assessment Technology, Development Dimensions International, Inc.), George Hollenbeck (principal, Hollenbeck Associates), Jack Wiley (president and CEO, Gantz Wiley Research), Mansour Javidan (director, Garvin Center for Cultures and Languages of International Management at Thunderbird, The Garvin School of International Management), Rich Arvey (professor, University of Minnesota), Rob Kaiser (director of Research and Development, Kaplan Devries, Inc.), Rob Silzer (managing director, Human Resource Assessment and Development), Ron James (president and CEO, Center for Ethical Business Cultures), Seymour Adler (senior vice president, Consulting Services, Aon Consulting), Steffen Landauer (managing director, Goldman Sachs/Pine Street Leadership Development Group), Betty Silver (director, SAS University), and Thomas Kolditz (Colonel, U.S. Army, head of the Behavioral Science and Leadership Department, U.S. Military Academy-West Point). For the most current listing of speakers and titles of their presentations, as well as online registration, hotel reservations, and other information, go to the consortium Web page: http://www.siop.org/lec/.

An important part of the leading edge consortium is to identify future critical issues and to organize an ongoing network for research and collaboration in these areas. The unique design of the consortium with its interactive format is ideally suited to generate connectivity and synergy among participants for moving us forward in critical areas.

My co-chairs, Rob Silzer (Practice chair) and David Campbell (Science chair), along with David Nershi (SIOP executive director) and Wendy Becker (Visibility chair) have done a splendid job of strategizing, coordinating, and arranging this falls consortium event, Leadership at the Top: The Selection, Globalization and Ethics of Executive Talent. Thank you. 

If executive talent management is your area of interest, youll want to be at the Westin St. Louis, October 2829 for the exciting launch of SIOPs first leading edge consortium.

As with this falls consortium, the mission of each future leading edge consortium is to bring leading-edge scientists and practitioners together in the quest for better individual and organizational outcomes. Each year a different hot topic will be examined in depth. We are in the beginning stages of institutionalizing the process of selecting the planning committee, topic, and co-chairs (General chair, Practice chair, and Science chair) for future SIOP leading edge consortia. In these focused settings, our science and our practice are merged, jointly examining what we know, what we are doing and how we move the field forward in the particular area featured.

APA Annual Conference in Washington, DC

Our APA Program chair, John Scott, and his committee developed an excellent set of symposia, poster sessions, and workshops for the August APA annual convention in Washington, DC. When you read this column, the convention will have already occurred. As I write this, Im anticipating attending several fine sessions, and listening and engaging with colleagues in stimulating discussions. Thank you, John and members of the APA Program Committee.

Our Spring Conference in Dallas

Donald Truxillo and his SIOP Conference Committee have been brainstorming and planning our spring conference in Dallas, May 4May 6, 2006. Joan Brannick, chair of the Workshop Committee, and her committee members have lined up many interesting experts to speak on very timely topics. Julie Olson-Buchanan and her SIOP Program Committee, as well as hundreds of members who evaluate the submissions, have been hard at work at what is our last 2-day spring conference. Recall, were moving as quickly as possible to a 3-day conference. Our goal is to implement this change with the 2007 conference in NYC.

Strategic Planning

Again, when you read this column, another important milestone in our history will have occurred: The SIOP Strategic Planning Meeting of 2005. As I write this column, Bill Macey and his Strategic Planning Taskforce are finalizing the questionnaire that Leigh Wintz will use to survey participants prior to their attendance at the strategic planning session. Many of the thought leaders in our field will have gathered September 2425 to brainstorm and develop a strategic plan for SIOP. I will update you on this important event in my next column. Of course, the SIOP Web site is an excellent source for up-to-date information. 

Other Matters

The results of the APA election are incongratulations Bob Dipboye, Dierdre Knapp, Ed Salas, and Janet Barnes-Farrell, our new APA Council Representatives. They begin their 3-year terms in January 2006. 

Im tickled to announce that Past President Fritz Drasgow is a newlywed. He and Jean Masiunas were married July 1. The couple honeymooned in Montreal. Best wishes Fritz and Jean!

The Administrative Office is operating very smoothly. Dave Nershi, our new executive director, is responsible for an effective and seamless transition. Thank you, Dave.

Many initiatives and activities are underway. Its been an exciting, busy, and hot summer, and I look forward to seeing many of you in St. Louis October 2829 for the inauguration of SIOPs first ever leading edge consortiumLeadership at the Top: Selection, Globalization and Ethics of Executive Talent.

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