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From the Editor: Giving Back

We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.
Winston Churchill

Laura L. Koppes

Special thoughts go out to SIOP members and others who are suffering the wrath of Hurricane Katrina. Giving Back (or forward) is making a difference in the lives of others. This is especially critical now with the devastation in the south. SIOP President Leaetta Hough has organized a committee under the leadership of Steven Rogelberg to coordinate the society's volunteer efforts to help victims. As SIOP President Hough stated, We are not only a society of psychologists, but a community of caring as well (Leaetta Hough, September 6, 2005). I urge you to assist if you have not already done so. I will highlight these efforts as well as other activities of giving back as noted below.

I had the great pleasure of meeting Patricia Smith several years ago while conducting research on the history of women in I-O psychology. She provided amazing stories about studying and researching I-O psychology during a time when few women were present in the field. Not only is Pat highly regarded in our discipline for her numerous scholarly contributions, she is greatly respected for being a fine human being. Most notably, she and her late husband gave a significant monetary contribution to Bowling Green State University, described in this issue. There are many SIOP members who give time, expertise, and/or monetary donations. In fact, at one time, the SIOP Executive Committee heightened awareness of such pro bono work. I suggest that we continue to recognize our colleagues and invite you to send me descriptions of your activities for inclusion in TIP. Your stories can provide positive examples for us all. 


In addition to Leaettas Presidents Column, three articles are featured in this issue. The article on the values of I-O psychology and the article on an eco-I-O psychology may stimulate your thinking about our discipline and roles as I-O psychologists. You will also find a much-deserving and long overdue tribute to Stanley E. Seashore, a past-president of SIOP (then known as APA-Division 14).

From the Editorial Board

I want to take this opportunity to thank Lynn McFarland, who decided to retire from the TIP Editorial Board to pursue other activities (i.e., having a baby!). Ive enjoyed working with Lynn and have especially appreciated her contributions about various I-O careers. We have learned a lot from the 11 columns she prepared over the past 2 years.

I welcome Mike Zickar to the Editorial Board. Mike, as many of you know, has a passion for studying I-O history and was recently appointed as SIOPs historian. Mike will lead a column, The History Corner, to document various historical anecdotes and stories. Dont hesitate to send historical material of interest for SIOP members to Mike. 

A common theme across several columns is career advice. In the career column, of course, suggestions are given for successfully changing careers. Landys column includes these thoughts: Do we ever get where we want to be? Pack wisely. Help others meet their goals. And, in the TIP-Topics column, we are advised to pursue our own interests.

Other topics in the columns include a new vocabulary (ewords), Justice OConnors legacy in EEO case law, occupational health psychology, international work experiences, human resource practices, Oz I-O, masters degree training, and trusted computing. 

News and Reports

As you will read throughout this issue, SIOP is introducing a new initiative, a Leading Edge Consortium. Although this issue is printed in October, it is time to think now about the 2006 SIOP conference in May. Be sure to look for this information, and remember the deadline for submitting papers for the 2006 APA Annual Conference. 

Final Note

One of my goals as editor was to incorporate international perspectives in TIP. In this issue, several countries are discussed including Australia, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Africa, and Germany. Under News and Reports, an invitation is extended to SIOP members to attend the annual meeting of the International Association of Applied Psychology in Greece. How could any of us decline this invitation?!

Please note that my e-mail address for submissions is LKoppes@siop.org. Have a wonderful fall and Happy Thanksgiving!!

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