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21st Annual Lee Hakel Industrial-Organizational Psychology Doctoral Consortium

Harold Goldstein
Baruch College, City University of New York

John Hunthausen
Microsoft Corporation

The 21st Annual Lee Hakel Industrial-Organizational Psychology Doctoral Consortium (and first one to be named in honor of Lee Hakel) will be held Thursday, May 4, 2006 in Dallas at the Adams Mark Hotel. As is tradition, the doctoral consortium will precede the annual SIOP conference, which begins on May 5 and runs through May 7. The consortium will include an impressive lineup of speakers chosen for their outstanding contributions to the field. The speakers will include practitioners and academics with unique perspectives on the opportunities and challenges faced by I-O psychologists today.

In December 2005, each doctoral program will be sent registration materials for the consortium. Registration materials will be sent to the programs through both regular mail and e-mail. Enrollment will be limited to one student per program, up to a maximum of 40 participants. We encourage faculty to make student nominations as soon as registration materials arrive because students are enrolled in the order that completed applications are received. The fee for participants is approximately $60.

The consortium is designed for upper-level students nearing the completion of their doctorates. Most participants will be graduate students in I-O psychology or HR/OB who are currently working on their dissertations. Preference will be given to nominees who meet these criteria and have not attended previous consortia. If you need additional information, please contact Harold Goldstein at harold_goldstein@baruch.cuny.edu or (646) 312-3820. We look forward to another successful doctoral consortium in 2006!