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Funding for Dissertation Research Now Available!

Graduate Student Scholarship
Lee Hakel Graduate Student Scholarship Call for Applications 

Joyce E. Bono
University of Minnesota

Goals/Objectives of the SIOP Graduate Student Scholarship

  • To recognize achievement of a graduate student
  • To support the research of graduate students pursuing doctoral study in industrial-organizational psychology

Description of Activities

The Graduate Student Scholarship recognizes achievement in a graduate career and is intended to assist doctoral students in the field of industrial and organizational psychology with the costs of carrying out their dissertation work. The award will be distributed to the student in a single payment and may be used for graduate school expenses (without additional restriction). The student will have two options regarding the award stipend: (a) to receive the stipend directly, or (b) to have the stipend placed in a professional development account at the recipients university, contingent upon the regulations and policies of the recipients university. The award recipient will be liable for any tax payments associated with the stipend. 

Size of Award

For the upcoming year (2006), there will be three awards. 

The highest ranking application will be awarded the Lee Hakel Graduate Student Scholarship, in the amount of $3,500. This special award honors Lee Hakel, who ran the SIOP office with grace, efficiency, and the highest respect for SIOP members and employees alike. 

Two additional applications will be awarded the Graduate Student Scholarship, in the amount of $3,000. 

Selection of Recipients and Administration of Award 

The SIOP Awards Committee will appoint a Graduate Student Scholarship Subcommittee consisting of at least four members who are not members of the SIOP Foundation Board. This subcommittee will be responsible for evaluating the eligibility of applicants, the quality of applications, and making recommendations to the SIOP Executive Committee about award of the scholarship. The committee reserves the right to recommend that the scholarship be withheld if a suitable candidate does not apply. SIOP will disburse the scholarships within 30 days after recipients are selected. 

Application Deadline

The deadline for completed applications will be February 1, 2006. Scholarship recipients will be announced at the SIOP annual conference. 


1. Applicants must be enrolled full time and be in good standing in a doctoral program in industrial-organizational psychology or a closely related field (e.g., organizational behavior) at a regionally accredited university or college. Eligibility is not limited to students in programs located in the U.S.A.
2. Applicants must be Student Affiliates of SIOP. Students who are not affiliates should apply for affiliation before submitting materials for the Graduate Student Scholarship Award. The SIOP Student Affiliate membership form is available on the SIOP Web site at www.siop.org.
3. Applicants must have a plan for their dissertation, which has been approved by their dissertation advisor/chair. 
4. Each program may endorse no more than one (1) student per year. If more than one student from a program wishes to apply for these funds, the program must perform an initial screening and forward only one application. If multiple distinct programs reside at an institution (e.g., an I-O program in the psychology department and a separate organizational behavior program in the business school), each program may endorse one student.
5. Applicants who have already defended their dissertations are not eligible to apply for these funds.
6. Applicants must not have previously received a SIOP Graduate Student Scholarship. 

Application Procedure

1. The Graduate Student Scholarship subcommittee of the Awards Committee will examine all applications for eligibility.
2. Application forms are available on the SIOP Web site. The application form will be submitted with the following materials attached:

a. 12-page maximum summary of the dissertation research, including an explanation of research design and other important aspects of the project. NOTE: Figures or tables may be included only if they can be incorporated into the twelve (12) page limit. A list of references should be included with the summary; references will not be included in the 12-page maximum. Summaries should be double-spaced, 12 point font, with 1 margins.

b. 2-page maximum curriculum vitae including scientific publications and presentations.

c. A letter from the advisor indicating that the dissertation plan has been approved. 

d. A letter of endorsement from the chair or director of the program in which the applicant is enrolled. 

Criteria for Judging Proposals

Proposals will be evaluated with respect to the following criteria:

1. Clearly expressed understanding of the field of inquiry,
2. Ability of the research design to provide meaningful answers to questions posed by the researcher,
3. Potential of the proposed study to make significant theoretical and application contributions to the field of industrial-organizational psychology,
4. The proposal that received the highest ranking by the Graduate Student Scholarship Subcommittee will be awarded the Lee Hakel Graduate Student Scholarship. 


One year after the scholarship is awarded, each recipient will be asked to provide the SIOP Foundation with a one-page report summarizing the research that was conducted under the auspices of the award. The report should be cosigned by the students advisor or dissertation chair. 

Submission Deadlines and Procedure

Applicants should submit 10 copies of the application and supporting materials by February 1, 2006 to the SIOP Administrative Office at the following address:

SIOP Graduate Student Scholarship
SIOP Administrative Office
520 Ordway Avenue
Bowling Green, OH 43402

Please direct all questions regarding the Graduate Student Scholarship to:

Joyce E. Bono
Department of Psychology
University of Minnesota
75 E. River Road
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Click here for Application Form

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