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Secretarys Report

Janet Barnes-Farrell

 The winter meeting of SIOPs Executive Committee was held on January 1113, 2002 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Highlights of decisions and topics of discussion at the meeting follow.

Tim Judge presented the nominees and recommendations of the Awards Committee for 2002 SIOP awards. Recipients of 2002 awards were approved; they will be announced at the annual conference in April.

Jan Cleveland presented candidates for Fellow of the Society and the recommendations of the Fellowship Committee. The Executive Committee voted to award Fellow status to six Members of the Society.

The Principles revision is on track. The Principles Revision Committee is incorporating comments from the Review Panel and the Executive Committee into the next draft, which will be made available to the membership before the annual Conference for public comment.

The application for reapproval of our status as a specialty has been submitted to the Commission for the Recognition of Specialties and Proficiencies in Professional Psychology (CRSPPP).

The member survey went out on January 11; responses have been requested by February 8. The conference survey will take place separately, at a later point in time.

Continuing Education credits will be offered for participation in either of two master tutorials on the Annual Conference Program. This is an experimental program; responses will be evaluated for future planning.

A discussion of the budget focused on strategies for expense reduction and spending philosophies. The annual conference and workshops are particular targets for such reductions. Another rising source of expense is new projects that represent electronification of current SIOP services and introduction of new electronic services. We have core services supporting this electronically; it was recommended that we not introduce new electronic projects until these services have stabilized.

The Long Range Planning Committee presented its sunset reviews of several ad hoc and standing committees. The Executive Committee voted to accept the recommendations to continue Visibility and APA/APS Relations as ad hoc committees for an additional 2 years and to continue the Professional Practice Series and Frontiers Series standing committees.

There was continued discussion of ways to meet the needs of student members. A planned electronic student discussion list (SIOPSDL) is currently pending approval by APA. Previous agreements regarding how students can participate in a formal (and informal) way in SIOP committee work were reviewed and discussed.

Discussion of how to recruit appropriate authors and whether to provide financial compensation to authors for the new Professional Practice Series Solutions Series was continued from the fall Executive Committee meeting. A motion to offer no royalties to authors of the Solutions Series was passed.

Bill Macey led a discussion of electronic communications policies for the Society. The significance and frequency of e-mail distributions to the membership were identified as relevant issues. The policy adopted for approving e-mail distribution of information to the membership is as follows: The content must be relevant to most of the membership. In addition, it must further the goals of the Society and may require action on the part of Society members.

Additional discussion focused on electronification of SIOP services and priorities for the SIOP Web site, which is currently being redesigned. It was agreed that highest priority should be given to developing functions that are highly robust; new applications should be given lower priority.

The number of seats in APA Council has been increased from 3 to 5, based on the most recent APA apportionment ballot results.

Bill Macey announced that the proposal for an International Web Directory has been approved by the SIOP Foundation, and the Society has been asked to proceed with implementing the proposal.

If you have questions or comments, I encourage you to contact me directly (e-mail: Janet.Barnes-Farrell@uconn.edu; phone: 860-486-5929).


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