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The Industrial-Organizational Psychologist

Vol. 39/No. 4  April, 2002


A Message from Your President
Bill Macey

The Top I-O Psychology Doctoral Programs of North America
Robert E. Gibby, Charlie L. Reeve, Eyal Grauer, David Mohr,
and Michael J. Zickar

Will the Real SMART Goals Please Stand Up?
Robert S. Rubin

Implications of the Results of a Job Analysis of I-O Psychologists
Roger Blakeney, Robert Broenen, John Dyck, Blake Frank, Dana Glenn, Doug Johnson, and Clyde Mayo

The Schizophrenic Organization
Diane Keyser Wentworth



From the Editor: The Joy of Conferencing
Debra A. Major

Leading Edge: Ubiquitous Computing
R. Jason Weiss and J. Philip Craiger

Global Vision: International Collaboration
Mark A. Griffin
and Boris Kabanoff

On the Legal Front: Two January 2002 Supreme Court RulingsToyota v. Williams and EEOC v. Waffle House
Art Gutman

Early Careers: Currency ExchangeThe Importance of Being Up-to-Date and Broadly Informed
Lori Foster Thompson and Dawn L. Riddle

A Matter of Difference: InclusionWhat Can I and My Organization Do about It?
Bernardo M. Ferdman
and Martin N. Davidson 

The High Society: A 20-Word Glossary for the SIOP Conference
Paul M. Muchinsky

On the Horizon: Is There Really Anything New Under the I-O Sun?
Peter Bachiochi

Eyal Grauer, Marcus Butts,
and Nancy Yanchus

Macro, Meso, Micro: Six Sigma
Matt Barney

Education and Training in I-O Psychology: Using the Jigsaw Classroom to Teach the History of I-O Psychology and Related Topics
Laura L. Koppes and Neil M.A. Hauenstein

Practice Network: From the Halls of Montezuma to the Shores of TripoliIs There A Role for I-O Psychology In the War Against Terrorism?
Michael M. Harris



What SIOP is Doing to Increase the Visibility of I-O Psychology
Gary W. Carter

SIOP Members in the News
Clif Boutelle
and Bev Dugan

Secretarys Report
Janet Barnes-Farrell

Report form APA Council of Representatives
Kevin R. Murphy

Planning for ChicagoSIOPs Program at APA
Rosemary Hays-Thomas

Update on APAs Decade of Behavior Initiative
Sandra L. Fisher

Occupational Health Psychology: I-O Psychologists Meet with Interdisciplinary Colleagues to Discuss This Emerging Field
Heather Roberts Fox and Paul E. Spector

Call for Nominations and Entries 2003 Awards for the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology
Timothy A. Judge

Announcing New SIOP Members
Irene Sasaki
and Beth Chung

Debra A. Major and Rebekah Cardenas





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