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Report of the Organizational Frontiers Committee 

Neal Schmitt
Michigan State University

The Organizational Frontiers Series Committee has several books in various stages of preparation. Advances in Measurement and Data Analysis became available in November 2001 and includes chapters that introduce readers to a wide variety of measurement and data-analytic techniques. In addition to descriptions of the techniques they discuss, authors were asked to provide examples and a discussion of the research objectives the technique most effectively addresses.

The following are additional volumes in various stages of preparation:

1. Lord, Klimoski, and Kanfer, Emotions and Work. Drafts of all chapters have been reviewed and sent to Jossey-Bass. A 2002 publication date is expected.

2. Jackson, Hitt, and DeNisi, I/O Psychology and Top Management. First-draft chapters have been received from all authors; they have received feedback and are preparing revisions. The book should be available by the end of 2002.

3. Hofmann and Tetrick, Individual and Organizational Health. First drafts of all chapters have been completed.

4. Feldman, Work Careers: A Developmental Perspective. Initial drafts of book chapters should be ready at this time.

5. Barrick and Ryan, Personality and Work. Author outlines have been prepared, and first drafts have been completed.

6. Griffin and OLeary-Kelly, The Dark Side of Organizational Behavior. A contract to do this book has been extended by Jossey-Bass. Authors are being recruited and chapter outlines are being prepared.

7. Dipboye and Colella, The Psychological and Organizational Bases of Discrimination at Work. A contract to do this book has been extended by Jossey-Bass; first drafts of chapters are due November 2002.

8. Books on fitedited by Ostroffand on motivationedited by Pritchardare in the discussion stage.

Jossey-Bass is planning to market e-versions of our volumes in chapter form. When implemented, readers will be able to buy an electronic version of single chapters from our volumes (probably at about $6.95 per chapter). There are also plans to market sets of chapters and the whole volume, in some cases, in electronic form.

We continue to welcome ideas for new book proposals and comments on our existing volumes. Members of the Organizational Frontiers series for 2002 include Fritz Drasgow, Michael Frese, Jennifer George, Katherine Klein, Robert Pritchard, and Lois Tetrick.


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