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From the Editor: A Career Transition

Debra A. Major
Old Dominion University

As I write this column, one month has passed since the SIOP Conference in Toronto. This issue of TIP contains a great deal of information about that Conference, as well as reflections and lessons learned. For my part, Id just like to say that once again, the Conference did not disappoint. The program was exceptional, and I learned a great deal. If you agree, I hope youll join me in thanking Jeff McHenry, chair of the Conference Committee, and Adrienne Colella, Program Committee chair, for all their hard work. Their commitment to SIOP and a quality conference is all the more noteworthy when you consider that they are volunteers. (In fact, SIOP is largely a volunteer-run organization.) This means that they and their committee members (also volunteers) did all the work to give us a great experience in Toronto while simultaneously attending to the demands of their day jobs. Thank you!

I also must take this opportunity to thank two tireless volunteers who have devoted their time and energy to TIP since July 1997. Lori Foster Thompson (then, just Foster) and Dawn Riddle started their service to TIP as student writers and originators of TIP-TOPics, the student column that still exists today. According to Mike Coovert, When I was editor of TIP and looking for someone to write the student column, Lori and Dawn were my top choices as I knew they would produce high-quality columns of interest to the student members of SIOP. Mike had a great deal to share about both women, all of it positive. About Lori, Mike said, She is tremendously bright, articulate, talented, and ORGANIZED! Lori has a wonderful can do attitude. Mikes description of Dawn was equally laudatory, Dawn is an incredible person! She has many talents and interests and is always completely effectivea true Renaissance woman.

Leaving their graduate student days behind, they began writing the Early Careers column in 1999. Their last column appears in this issue, and I hope you will join me in thanking them for 5 years of excellent service to SIOP and TIP. When asked to comment on this occasion, Allan Church said,

Lori and Dawn were always great to work with during my tenure with TIP. I enjoyed watching their content and style evolve from the early TIP-TOPics student columnist days through to their final Early Career daysthough their careers are anything but finalized. I know they will continue to contribute to the field, and I look forward to seeing their work in the future.

Like Allan, I have a strong feeling that these two dedicated women will continue to contribute to the field and to SIOP. Lori and Dawn, thank you for your excellent work and your dedication to TIP and SIOP.

Having originated, developed, and nurtured the column along over the past few years, Lori and Dawn wanted to know what would happen to the Early Careers column now that they are retiring. Frankly, I dont expect anyone to be able to step in and completely fill their shoes; its just too tall of an order. However, the most recent SIOP survey results (described elsewhere in this issue) make it clear that SIOP members want TIP to provide career information and not just early career advice. It seems that discussions of middle and late career topics are also of interest. So, have you always dreamed of writing for TIP? Would you like to join the ranks of the many impressive volunteers who contribute their time and energy to SIOP? Are you ready to follow Lori and Dawns example of providing timely, high-quality career information to the SIOP membership? If so, then I would love to hear from you!

Whats in this issue of TIP for me?

For Everyone 

Ann Marie Ryans First Presidential Message
Letters to the Editor
SIOP Member Survey Results
SIOPs Response to Survey Results
Executive Coaching
HumorWhether Youre an I or an O!
Inclusion at SIOP and Beyond
Globalization of SIOP
SIOP Members in the News
2002 Award Winners
2002 New Fellows
SHRM Award Winner Ed Lawler
Past-Presidents Dinner
Secretarys Report
Gold Medal Award
New SIOP Members
Obituary for Ralph R. Canter

For Students and Educators 

Ranking I-O Programs
2002 Doctoral Consortium

Perspectives on Practice

The Semantic Web
US Airways v. Barnett
Supreme Court Update

Professional Development 

The Last Early Careers Column
International Collaboration
Conferences and Meetings
Calls and Announcements

SIOP Initiatives

Small Grant Program
Conference Committee Update
2003 Conference Program
New Conference Session Format

APA and APS Information

SIOP Programming at APA Convention
2002 APS Convention


I hope you enjoy this issue of TIP. I look forward to receiving your comments, feedback, and submissions (dmajor@odu.edu).

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