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Secretarys Report

Georgia T. Chao

The spring meeting of SIOPs Executive Committee and committee chairs was held on April 14 and 15, 2002, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Highlights of decisions and topics of discussion at that meeting are presented below.

The results of the 2002 SIOP Member Survey were presented by Janine Waclawski. Details of these results are reported in this issue of TIP (2002 SIOP Member Survey, Waclawski, Church, and Berr). Ann Marie Ryan also addresses how SIOP will respond to concerns that were identified from this survey in this issue of TIP.

Ray Johnson presented the financial officers report. Five action items were approved: (a) an investment policy statement, (b) the Administrative Office service fee, (c) the FY 2003 annual budget, (d) an increase in Conference registration fees, and (e) an increase in workshop fees. Details of the two fee increases follow.

Jeff McHenry, Conference chair, estimated that about 30% of the room cancellations were made in the 4 to 5 days prior to this years Conference. The penalty for not meeting the room quotas was estimated to be about $63,000 for this years Conference. The actual penalty has yet to be determined. A new procedure to avoid future penalties will be implemented immediately for next years Conference. It will require people to reserve rooms with credit cards, and a nonrefundable fee (one nights stay) will be charged if the room is cancelled within 90 days of the scheduled arrival date. In other words, if the reservation is for an April 10 arrival, the reservation must be canceled by 8:00 a.m. January 11, 2003 to avoid paying a one-night penalty. Jeff estimated that expenses will climb 5 to 10% for the Orlando Conference in 2003. The last time Conference fees were increased was in 2000, so new fees are proposed to cover higher costs next year. The Conference registration fees are tentatively increased from $80 to $85 for members, $45 to $50 for students, and from $200 to $210 for nonmembers. These increases may change as more accurate estimates of costs in Orlando are determined; however, Jeff emphasized that any fee increase would be held to a minimum.

Kalen Pieper, Continuing Education chair, reported a 15% decrease in the total number of Workshop attendees. The last Workshop increase was in 1998. The Continuing Education Committee discussed ways to offer additional services (e.g., CD of Workshop materials) for Workshop attendees. The Workshop fees will increase from $350 to $400 for members and from $500 to $600 for nonmembers.

Ann Marie Ryan gave the presidents report. The Task Force on Licensure will be continued, linking with State Affairs. SIOP needs to develop a position on licensure requirements. Robert Sternberg, APA president, has three initiatives that SIOP should be involved in: (a) a representational task force on the unification of psychology, (b) a Bill of Rights for Researchers, and (c) educational reform. Suggestions for who might be good SIOP representatives for these initiatives should be sent to Ann Marie.

Paul Thayer, Foundation chair, reported that we had a good start, but were a long way from achieving the goal of $200,000 in the SIOP Foundation Scholarship Fund. Procedures for advertising the scholarships and the criteria for the awards will be developed soon so that awards may begin next year.

Ann Marie led a discussion on the issue of royalties for SIOP book authors. Historically, SIOP collected all royalties. A proposal was approved so that authors from all SIOP series would receive 0% of royalties on the first 10,000 copies and 80% of royalties after 10,000 copies with SIOP receiving 100% of the royalties on the first 10,000 copies and 20% of royalties after 10,000 copies.

There were general discussions on how to include more people in SIOP activities, how to brand our profession, whether we should change our name, and how to inform new members on how to put together symposia proposals and how to navigate the Conference.

As your new secretary, Id like to thank Janet Barnes-Farrell for her guidance and support. Its my goal to keep these reports short and to the point. If you have any questions or comments, please contact me by e-mail at chaog@msu.edu or by phone (517) 353-5418.


Combined meeting of SIOPs Executive Committee members for 20012002 and 20022003


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