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Announcing a NEW Session Format for the 2003 18th Annual SIOP Conference

Laura L. Koppes
Eastern Kentucky University

The Education and Training Committee is pleased to announce the development and offering of a new regular session format for the annual Conference. The description, as it will appear in the 18th Annual Conference Call for Proposals, is below. If you have questions or ideas, dont hesitate to contact me at Laura.Koppes@eku.edu.

Education, Teaching, and Learning Forum

An education, teaching, and learning forum provides an opportunity for individuals to share knowledge, ideas, research, and applications with regard to education, teaching, and learning in organizational sciences and related areas. Possible topics include new teaching methods and techniques, measurement of teacher competence, teaching skills, motivating student learning, assessment of student learning, and so forth. Participants may also discuss challenges unique to an educational environment or share research and applications in educational institutions. Each forum is devoted to a single topic. Various formats may be utilized (e.g., lecture, paper presentations, discussion, debates, etc.); however, time should be allocated for audience members to interact with presenters and each other, offering their own ideas about education, teaching, and learning. Education, teaching, and learning forum proposals are welcome on any education-, teaching-, or learning-related topic.

Note: I thank Tom Becker, University of Delaware, for collaborating with me in preparing the proposal for this new format, which was presented to and approved by the SIOP Executive Committee. I also thank SIOP members who provided encouragement for pursuing this idea.


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