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New SIOP Fellows for 2002

Jeanette N. Cleveland
The Pennsylvania State University

The Fellowship Committee is pleased to announce that based on its recommendations, the SIOP Executive Committee has elected the six persons listed below as Society Fellows in 2002. These six new Fellows are pictured below, with a brief description of their contribution to the field and the profession. We congratulate the new Fellows!

David V. Day

David V. Day (Associate Professor, The Pennsylvania State University) is awarded Fellowship for his outstanding contributions to research on rater training, leadership, and personality. He is recognized for his research on the role of cognitive processes associated with performance appraisal training, and more recently, both personality and contextual factors in leadership.


K. Michele Kacmar

K. Michele Kacmar (Full Professor, Florida State University) is awarded Fellowship for exemplary programmatic and innovative research on the psychological aspects of dysfunctional employee behavior. Specifically, she is recognized for her research on perceptions of organizational politics, justice, and impression management.


Jerard F. Kehoe

Jerard F. Kehoe (Organizational Effectiveness Director, AT&T Human Resources) is awarded Fellowship for significant contributions to the science and practice of industrial-organizational psychology. He was instrumental in the development and maintenance of one of the fields premier selection programs and a highly sought-after expert on issues and problems associated with large-scale testing programs. In addition, he has been active in publications and professional activities including service as editor/contributor to the SIOP Professional Practice Series volume on personnel selection and is incoming associate editor of the Journal of Applied Psychology.


Avraham N. Kluger

Avraham N. Kluger (Senior Lecturer, Hebrew University) is awarded Fellowship for his outstanding work in the area of performance feedback. His theoretical and empirical work on feedback has challenged conventional assumptions and sensitized researchers against propagating unwarranted conclusions about the effects of feedback.


Philip Roth

Philip Roth (Full Professor, Clemson University) is awarded Fellowship for his influential contributions to personnel selection and methodological issues in the field. Through extensive use of meta-analytic techniques, he has provided significant evidence for the utility of selection methods. Importantly, he is recognized for demonstrating that the choice of techniques to handle missing data can have a major impact on research conclusions and on the validity of hiring methods in selection.


Aharon Tziner

Aharon Tziner (Full Professor and Dean, The Academic College of Netanya, Israel) is awarded Fellowship in recognition of his international and multifaceted research on contextual factors in performance appraisal including the role of politics in organizational appraisals. He is also recognized for the integration of science and practice in his research on the validity of assessment centers and on teams and team performance.


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