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Conferences & Meetings

David Pollack
U.S. Immigration & Naturalization Service

This list was prepared by David Pollack. Please submit additional entries to David Pollack at David.M.Pollack@usdoj.gov.


June 30July 3 Annual Conference of the International Personnel Management Association Assessment Council. New Orleans, LA. Contact: IPMA, (703) 549-7100 or www.ipmaac.org. 

July 712 25th International Congress of Applied Psychology. Singapore. Contact: info@cemssvs.com.sg or www.icap2002.org. 

July 2227 22nd O.D. World Congress. Ghana, Africa. Contact: Organization Development Institute, (440) 729-7419 or http://members.aol.com/odinst. 

Aug 1114 Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management. Denver, CO. Contact: Academy of Management, (914) 923-2607. 

Aug 1115 Annual Convention of the American Statistical Association. New York, NY. Contact: ASA, (703) 684-1221 or www.amstat.org.  

Aug 2225 Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association. Chicago, IL. Contact: APA, (202) 336-6020 or www.apa.org. (CE credit offered). 

Sept 2327 Annual Conference of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society. Pittsburgh, PA. Contact: The Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, (310) 394-1811 or http://hfes.org. (CE credit offered). 

Oct 1518 29th International Congress on the Assessment Center Method. Pittsburgh, PA. Contact: DDI, (412) 257-3952 or www.assessmentcenters.org. 


Feb 27March 2 Annual Midwinter Institute and Conference of the Society of Psychologists in Management (SPIM). Tampa, FL. Contact: Lorraine Rieff, spim@lrieff or www.spim.org. (CE credit offered). 

March 79 24th Annual IOOB Graduate Student Conference. Akron, OH. Contact: Chris Rosen (ccr3@uakron.edu).

March 1518 Annual Conference of the American Society for Public Administration. Washington, DC. Contact: ASPA, (202) 393-7878 or www.aspanet.org.

March 1922 Fifth Interdisciplinary Conference on Occupational Stress. Theme: Work Stress and Health: New Challenges in a Changing Workplace. Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Contact: Wes Baker, (202) 336-6124 or wbaker@apa.org. (CE credit offered).

March 2629 Annual Conference of the Southeastern Psychological Association. New Orleans, LA. Contact: SEPA, (850) 474-2070 or www.am.org/sepa/. (CE credit offered).

April 1113 18th Annual Conference of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Orlando, FL. Contact: SIOP, (419) 353-0032 or www.siop.org. (CE credit offered).

April 2125 Annual Convention, American Educational Research Association. Chicago, IL. Contact: AERA, (202) 223-9485 or www.aera.net.

April 2125 Annual Convention, National Council on Measurement in Education. Chicago, IL. Contact: NCME, (202) 223-9318 or www.ncme.org. 

May 1417 11th European Congress on Work and Organizational Psychology. Lisbon, Portugal. Contact: eawopcongress@iscte.pt  or www.eawop-congress.istce.pt.

May 1622 Annual Conference of the American Society for Training and Development. San Diego, CA. Contact: ASTD, (703) 683-8100 or www.astd.org. 

May 28June 1 Annual Convention of the American Psychological Society. Atlanta, GA. Contact: APS, (202) 783-2077 or www.psychologicalscience.org. (CE credit offered). 

June 2225 Annual Conference of the Society for Human Resource Management. Orlando, FL. Contact: SHRM, (703) 548-3440 or www.shrm.org. (CE credit offered).


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