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The Industrial-Organizational Psychologist

Vol. 40/No. 1  July, 2002


A Message from Your President
Ann Marie Ryan

And the Survey SaysThe 2002 SIOP Member Survey Results
Janine Waclawski, Allan H. Church and Seth Berr

We Hear You
Ann Marie Ryan

Coaches Coach, Players Play, and Companies Win
Patrick C. Caironi

Improvidently Granted: The Supreme Court Hesitates
Donald L. Zink

Ranking I-O Graduate Programs on the Basis of Student Research Presentations at IOOB: An Update
Michael A. Surrette

Editorial Departments

From the Editor: A Career Transition
Debra A. Major

Early Careers: Heres to Your Success
Dawn L. Riddle and Lori Foster Thompson

The High Society: What Is Your Orientation: Are You An I or an O?
Paul M. Muchinsky

A Matter of Difference:
Inclusion and Power: Reflections on Dominance and Subordination in Organizations
Martin N. Davidson and Bernardo M. Ferdman

Global Vision: Encouraging International Collaboration in I-O Psychology
John Cordery, Mark A. Griffin, and Boris Kabanoff

On the Horizon: A More Global SIOP?
Peter Bachiochi

Leading Edge: The Semantic Web
R. Jason Weiss

Macro, Meso, Micro: Workflow
Matt Barney

On the Legal Front: The Supreme Court Ruling in US Airways v. Barnett
Art Gutman

Eyal Grauer, Nancy Yanchus, and Marcus Butts

News and Reports

11th European Congress on Work and Organizational Psychology
Handan Kepir Sinangil

SIOP Members in the News
Clif Boutelle

See You in the Windy City?SIOPs Program at APA
Rosemary Hays-Thomas

Introducing the SIOP Small Grant Program
David A. Hofmann

SIOP Conference Committee Update
Jeff McHenry

SIOP Program 2003: Were Getting More Electronic
Donald Truxillo

Announcing a NEW Session Format for the 2003 18th Annual SIOP Conference
Laura L. Koppes

2002 SIOP Award Winners
Timothy A. Judge

New SIOP Fellows for 2002
Jeanette N. Cleveland

Edward Lawler Is First Recipient of SHRMs $100,000 Losey Award

The Past-Presidents Dinner
Paul W. Thayer

Report on the 17th Annual I-O Psychology Doctoral Consortium
Donna Chrobot-Mason and Charlotte Gerstner

Secretarys Report
Georgia T. Chao

2002 APS Convention
Michael D. Coovert

SIOP Gold Medal Award

Announcing New SIOP Members
Michele E. A. Jayne


Debra A. Major and Rebekah Cardenas




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