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SIOP Placement Services Keep Growing 

Linda Sawin
The Boeing Company 

This past December we implemented JobNet, an electronic placement service accessed through the SIOP Web site. JobNet, available year-round, makes a substantial addition to the placement services already offered by the society, which include the Conference Placement Center and job advertisements in TIP. This new service offers job seeker subscribers the option of placing a resume in a password-protected database that can be accessed only by employer subscribers.

For job seekers, a subscription enables them to enter their resume in the resume database and to update that resume throughout the 3-month subscription time. By doing this, a job seeker greatly increases the opportunity to find a position. Employers who are subscribers to JobNet are able to access the resume database and to identify job seekers who appear to be a match for their opening. In fact, employers may register for JobNet and never post a position opening. Rather, they may choose to examine the resume database for potential employees. Having a resume in the database will increase the job seekers chances of finding a position. Both SIOP members and nonmembers may subscribe to JobNet. Nonmember subscription fees are higher than those for members, however.

Employers will find many improvements over our previous services. Among these improvements are options for subscribing for 3, 6, or 12 months and for advertising one or multiple jobs. JobNet allows employers to enter their own position descriptions. In addition, those employers with the multiple position subscription can enter additional jobs when the jobs become available. Employers no longer have to take out a new ad each time they have a new position. A subscription also enables employers to access the resume database, giving them the opportunity to identify prospective employees without waiting for the job seeker to contact them. In addition, employers do not have to post a position opening to subscribe. By not advertising a position, employers who do not want to be inundated with resumes and yet need to fill an opening, have the ability to see who is available.

The service is Internet-based and accessed through the SIOP Web site. Subscriptions may be paid online using a credit card or by telephone, fax, or U.S. mail. Once payment has been made, the subscriber is given a user ID and a password. Subscribers then enter their resumes or job descriptions online.

As part of entering a resume, job seekers are asked to supply specific information such as the highest degree awarded, major area studied, years of experience, area of job interest (applied, academic, internship), area of expertise, and availability. All of this information is provided using pull-down menus. Following this, subscribers enter their resumes. The subscriber may make changes to the resume throughout the subscription period.

A similar procedure is followed when entering a job description. The employer is first asked to supply information including the companys Web page address (optional), the desired degree level and experience levels, area of job interest and area of expertise, start date, and position title.

Some things have not changed with the addition of JobNet. Position descriptions are still available for viewing at no charge on the SIOP Web site. However, they are now accessed through JobNet. Go to the SIOP home page, click on JobNet and then click on positions available. We will continue to advertise position openings in TIP. The Conference Placement Center will continue to be an integral part of the placement services we offer our members at the annual Conference. JobNet and the Placement Center are separate services. If you have subscribed to JobNet and want to use the Conference Job Placement Center, you need to register for that service as well.

We plan to continue to improve the placement services offered to our members. Please send me suggestions and ideas for improvements. I can be reached at linda.l.sawin@boeing.com.

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