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International Affairs Subcommittee
Needs Your Input

Bev Dugan

The goals of the International Affairs Subcommittee of SIOPs Professional Practice Committee are to identify the issues that psychologists need to consider when expanding the use of their products and services to other countries. The outcome of this effort will be an International Practice Guide that will include the following:

Basic information about cross-cultural differences

Types of cross-cultural work performed by I-O psychologists

Challenges encountered in cross-cultural work and effective strategies for dealing with the challenges

Sources of information for cross-cultural issues

Identification of research needed to help practitioners address cross-cultural issues 

Subcommittee members include Bev Dugan (chair), Rabi Bhagat, Kingsley C. Ejiogu, Monica Hemingway, Katherine Holt, Bob Ramos, and Jim Sharf.

The International Subcommittee has developed an interview protocol and begun interviews with SIOP members who are working in the international arena. Based on the information gathered during the interviews, survey questions will be prepared for inclusion in the SIOP 2001 Member Survey. If you have been consulting internationally and are willing to participate in a short interview, please contact Bev Dugan at (703) 706-5681, or at bdugan@humrro.org.

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