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The Industrial-Organizational Psychologist

Vol. 38/No. 4  April, 2001



A Message From Your President
Nancy T. Tippins 

Measuring Prestige of Journals in Industrial-Organizational Psychology
Michael J. Zickar and Scott Highhouse 

An E-Mail Letter to a Friend
Allen I. Kraut 

Strategic Evaluation: A New Perspective on the Value of I-O Programs
Dale S. Rose, Jane Davidson, Jeanne Carsten, and Jennifer Martineau 

Advertising Industrial-Organizational Psychology 
Michael Gasser, Adam Butler, Kelly Anderson, Dave Whitsett and Rowena Tan 

Building a Better Literature Review: Reference and Information Sources for I-O Psychology
Travis Tubr, Paul R. Bly, Bryan D. Edwards, Robert D. Pritchard, and Sharon Simoneaux 

Psychofortology: Explaining Coping Behavior in Organizations
Sanet Coetzee and Frans Cilliers



From the Editor: This is the End
Allan H. Church

Practice Network: Trends and Issues in I-O Psychology A Glimpse into the Crystal Ball
Michael M. Harris 

TIP-TOPics for Students
Kim Hoffman and Tom King

The Real World
Janine Waclawski

On the Legal Front
Art Gutman

International Forum: A Review and Future Perspectives
Dirk D. Steiner

Informed Decisions: Research-Based Practice Notes
Stephen G. Rogelberg

The High Society: Theory Construction a la Martha Stewart
Paul M. Muchinsky

Early Careers: Its Time for Our Annual Review
Dawn L. Riddle and Lori L. Foster Thompson

Global Vision: The Psychology of Safety
Mark A. Griffin and Boris Kabanoff

Traveling in Cyberspace: Computer Security
J. Philip Craiger and Blaine Burnham

TIP Crossword Answers
Steven Katzman 



Announcing New SIOP Members
Beth Chung and Irene Sasaki 

Secretarys Report
Janet Barnes-Farrell

SIOP Placement Services Keep Growing
Linda Sawin

Preserving SIOPs History
Laura L. Koppes

International Affairs Subcommittee Needs Your Input
Bev Dugan 

Introducing the SIOP Small Grant Program
David A. Hofmann 

National Academy Reviewing Scientific Evidence for Polygraphs
Dianne Brown Maranto

Decade of Behavior 2000 Officially
Launched at Capitol Hill Event

SIOP Members in the News
Clif Boutelle

EEOC Applies ADA to Genetic Screening Case
Dianne Brown Maranto

Call for SIOP Awards
Tim Judge






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