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Secretary's Report

Janet Barnes-Farrell

The Winter meeting of SIOP's Executive Committee and Committee Chairs was held on January 15 and 16, 2000 in Arlington, Virginia. Highlights of decisions and topics of discussion at the meeting follow.


  • The Society has contracted with a consultant in Bowling Green, Ohio to develop a public relations system for SIOP, including the development of media contacts and media skills training for the Administrative Office and SIOP members who may be asked to interact with the media.
  • Angelo DeNisi reported that a letter signed by several members of the Executive Committee was published in a recent issue of the APA Monitor. The letter was a response to an article in the Monitor that uncritically advocated clinician movement into organizational settings without any recognition of the need for appropriate training.
  • A motion was approved to recommend a bylaws amendment to the membership that would change the status of the Committee on Ethnic Minority Affairs (EMA) from an ad hoc committee to a standing committee of the Society.
  • Dave Dorsey described his plans and goals for the Electronic Communications Committee, which include updating the design of the current SIOP web site. Another high-priority item for the committee is development of a policy for accepting material and links for inclusion on the site.
  • A motion was approved that an amendment to the bylaws regarding fellowship be recommended to the membership. The amendment would change the bylaws language to make it clear that Society Foreign Affiliates are eligible for fellowship in the Society.
  • Members of the Foundation Committee met with the Long Range Planning Committee on January 14 to discuss goals for the use of the Advancement Fund of the SIOP Foundation and strategies for generating proposed projects to be funded. The Foundation is planning a special recognition event at the spring SIOP Conference.
  • The Education and Training Committee was given the go-ahead to begin gathering information from master's and doctoral programs to update the guide to graduate programs in I-O psychology.
  • Jan Cleveland provided an overview of several topics discussed during the January 14 meeting of the Long Range Planning Committee and recommendations that emerged from those discussions. The LRP committee recommends the formation of an ad hoc committee whose charge would be to identify sources of support for our activities within APA, communicating SIOP activities to APA via appropriate APA channels, monitoring APA activities of relevance to SIOP, and raising APA members' awareness of SIOP members' skills and activities. Problems relating to the growth of the annual conference were also discussed; LRP directed some recommendations to the problem of arranging sufficient hotel accommodations for people who attend the annual conference.
  • Fritz Drasgow reported that the revised Standards document produced by APA was responsive to the concerns of SIOP members, but it is highly academic in orientation. There is a need for a document that outlines the applied implications of this document for practitioners. The Scientific Affairs committee will investigate the feasibility of drafting a users' guide to the Standards.
  • Angelo DeNisi described a proposal that the Society has received for an affiliated student organization, SIOPSA, and considerable discussion of student concerns ensued. Although there was not support for the proposed organization, there was general consensus that the Society should identify vehicles to integrate students and their concerns more completely into SIOP. Toward this end, the Executive Committee will sponsor a conversation hour at the Spring conference aimed at identifying students' concerns and gathering student input.
  • Dave Hofmann reported that three expanded tutorials will be offered at the Spring 2000 annual conference. The ad hoc committee formed to develop this initiative has accomplished its task and will be disbanded.
  • Time during the meeting was devoted to breakout group discussions of three important issues facing the Society: (a) the future of the annual conference; (b) threats and opportunities for the future of the field of I-O psychology; (c) improving the effectiveness of APA/SIOP relations. Several suggestions that emerged from the breakout discussions will be pursued by appropriate committees.

Also noted during the meeting:

  • Membership figures for the Society currently stand at 3,500 full members (a 7.5% increase from last year) and a total of 5,571 paid members.
  • Implementation of the new placement service will be in place by the time of the Conference in April.
  • The Professional Practice Committee is making final revisions to a member survey that it will administer to a sample of SIOP members and student affiliates; the committee's goal is to have the results available for the Spring meeting of the Executive Committee.
  • A State Affairs web page will be posted on the SIOP web site by the end of January.

If you have questions or comments, I encourage you to contact me directly by e-mail, Janet.Barnes-Farrell@uconn.edu; or phone, (860) 486-5929.



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