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Proposed SIOP Bylaws Amendments

Janet L. Barnes-Farrell

The Executive Committee has recommended that several amendments to the Bylaws be enacted to reflect changes in the governance and operations of the Society. Briefly, the amendments recommended for consideration are:

  • Amendment 1: Discontinuation of the Committee on Committees
  • Amendment 2: Authorization of a standing committee on Ethnic Minority Affairs
  • Amendment 3: Clarification of language permitting Society Foreign Affiliates to be eligible for Fellowship in the Society.

Each of the proposed changes is detailed below. For convenience, both old and new language is indicated. Language to be deleted is indicated by strike through characters and new language is underlined.

SIOP Bylaws call for an announcement of proposed changes at least 2 months prior to the actual voting (See Article IX, "Amendments"). Voting on the proposed changes will take place in the Fall of 2000. Mail ballots will be sent to all Society Members. A majority vote of those voting by mail are required to adopt any amendments.


[Note: Amendments 1 and 2 both deal with Article VII: Committees. Paragraph 1 below contains changes for both amendments.]

1. The standing committees of the Society shall consist of the following: Fellowship, Membership, Election, Program, Scientific Affairs, Professional Practice, Education and Training, Newsletter, Continuing Education and Workshop, Committee on Committees, Long Range Planning, State Affairs, Awards, Frontiers Series, Practice Series, Society Conference, Historian, and Foundation, and Ethnic Minority Affairs. In addition, ad hoc committees may be established by vote of the Society Members or by the Executive Committee to perform tasks of a brief or temporary nature.

12. The Committee on Committees shall recommend appointments to all other standing committees to the incoming President. The Committee shall be appointed by the President-Elect, and shall make a special effort to see that each year some Society Members who have not served in the past are appointed to standing committees. The Committee on Committees shall also be responsible for identifying Society Members to be nominated or appointed to other relevant societies' Boards and Committees (e.g., APA, APS).

Rationale: Based upon the recommendation of the Long Range Planning Committee, the Executive Committee voted in January, 1999 to discontinue the Committee on Committees. In the future, Committee Chairs will be charged with the responsibility for ensuring diversity in committee representation, and the Past President will be assigned oversight responsibility.


20. The Committee on Ethnic Minority Affairs shall have general concern for those aspects of I-O psychology which concern ethnic minorities (Native American/Alaskan Native, Asian/Pacific American, African/Caribbean American, and Latino/Hispanic American). The Committee shall have responsibility for increasing scientific understanding of those aspects of I-O psychology that pertain to culture and ethnicity; increasing educational, training, job and career opportunities for ethnic minority persons in I-O psychology; and promoting the development of culturally sensitive models for the delivery of services in I-O psychology. The Committee shall also be concerned with maintaining appropriate advocacy, communication, liaison, and clearinghouse functions involving ethnic minority I-O psychologists, students, and organizations.

Rationale: The overarching goal of the Ad Hoc Committee on Ethnic Minority Affairs, which had its origins several years ago as the Task Force on Ethnic Minority Participation, has been to facilitate the integration of minorities into SIOP and maximize SIOP's capacity to harness the diversity that is currently available. In recognition that the goals of this committee represent continuing concerns for the Society, the Executive Committee voted in January, 2000 to recommend that Ethnic and Minority Affairs be authorized as a standing committee of the Society. As with other committees, the Committee on Ethnic Minority Affairs will be subject to sunset review every 5 years.

(The changes removing the Committee on Committees and establishing the Committee on Ethnic Minority Affairs require a re-ordering of paragraph numbers in the Bylaws. Existing Paragraphs VII.13 through 20 will be renumbered as Paragraphs 12 through 19.)


3b. Society Fellows shall at the time of their election to Society Fellow status have been Society Members or Society Foreign Affiliates for no less than two years.

5d. To be eligible for Fellow status, Society Foreign Affiliates shall have met all criteria for Society Member status with the exception that membership in APA or APS is not required.

7. The Fellowship Committee of the Society will review the qualifications of all persons nominated for Society Fellow status. A Society Member or Society Foreign Affiliate may be nominated for Society Fellow status by either a Society Member or a Society Fellow. He or she must be sponsored by three Society Fellows. The nominator may be one of the sponsors if he or she is a Society Fellow. Candidates for Fellow status in APA and/or APS through this Society must also comply with the procedures prescribed by APA and/or APS for new Fellows.

Rationale: The Bylaws are ambiguous with reference to Fellow status for Society Foreign Affiliates. Specifically, the Bylaws indicate that Society Members may be nominated for Fellow status, that Society Foreign Affiliates "shall be those who reside in other than the U.S", and that Society Affiliates may not have voting privileges, but "are invited to participate in the Society's program of activities." The proposed change makes the Bylaws explicitly consistent with past interpretation.


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