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The Industrial-Organizational Psychologist

Vol. 37/No. 4  April, 2000



A Message from Your President
Angelo DeNisi

SIOPen For the True Golfer
Mick "The Quick" Kavanagh

Most Published Authors in Journal of Applied Psychology and
Personnel Psychology During the 1990s

Deniz S. Ones and Chockalingam Viswesvaran

Applicant-Faking Stories: Volume 1
Michael A. McDaniel

Advertisement Strategies of Industrial-Organizational Psychologists
Michael Gasser, Adam Butler, Kelly Anderson, David Whitsett, and Rowena Tan

Living King's Dream:
The Student Support Network, A 21st-Century Concept

Nasha London-Vargas

John Broadus Watson, I-O Psychologist
Diane F. DiClemente and Donald A. Hantula



From the Editor:
Pirates of the CaribbeanYo-Ho-Ho and a Bottle of Rum

Allan H. Church

Executive Committee and Committee Chairs

Practice Network:
I-O, I-OOh, No!! It's Off to HR I Go!

Michael M. Harris

TIP-TOPics for Students
Kim Hoffman

The Real World:
The World Is Not EnoughMillennium Merger Mania

Janine Waclawski

International Forum
Dirk D. Steiner and K. Wolfgang Kallus

Informed Decisions: Research-Based Practice Notes
Steven G. Rogelberg, Margaret E. Laber and Jimmie K. O'Connor

The High Society: I-O Psychology at the Movies
Paul M. Muchinsky

Work in the 21st Century
Karen May

Early Careers: A Bit of Advice on the Side
Dawn L. Riddle and Lori L. Foster

Global Vision: The Passing of the Torch Down Under
Charmine E. J. Hrtel



Building Bridges
K. Denise Bane

Secretary's Report
Janet Barnes-Farrell

The Latest on State Licensure
and Activities of the State Affairs Committee

Kalen F. Pieper

2000 American Psychological Association Convention
Division 14 (SIOP) Program

Jan A. Cannon-Bowers and Danielle Merket

A Clarification on the Division of Consulting Psychology's Activities
in Developing Practice Guidelines

Andy Garman, Ann O'Roark, and Rodney Lowman 

Call for Nominations and Entries 2001 Awards for the
Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Announcing a Special Issue of Personnel Psychology on

John R. Hollenbeck

Southwestern Bell Entitled to Business Necessity Defense
Emily K. Demonte and David W. Arnold, Esq.

Proposed SIOP Bylaws Amendments
Janet L. Barnes-Farrell 

First Executive Order of the 21st Century Addresses Employment Discrimination
Heather R. Fox







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