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Organizing a Lifes Work: Finding Your Dream Job

Nash London-Vargas
Independent Consultant

The many stages of our lives can best be described as seasons. According to Levinson (1978), a season is an organic part of the total cycle, linking past and future and containing both within itself. Every stage in our lives (childhood, teenage years, adult life, family, and work) is connected and when closely examined provides a framework. This framework of everyday living holds the key to our lifes passion.

As a professional, meeting the demands of your clients, employers, or both, it is easy to lose sight of your passionthe work that brings you fulfillment and connects you to the much larger picture of work. Your passion is what keeps you encouraged despite the long hours and hard work. Your passion brings a smile to your face while helping and showing others the way. Your passion gives you a sense of being whole and reduces the amount of stress you endure day to day.

While going through graduate school, many of you stumbled upon an area in your studies that not only sparked an interest but gave you a sense of urgency to learn more about it and a readiness to get involved. Your plans were to graduate with a well-deserved degree and to commit yourself to your lifes passion. If you managed to find that passion in your consulting work, teaching experiences, within an organization, or all of them, then you should count your blessings. For the majority that graduate with lifes passion in tow, we find that just maintaining it in our place of employment becomes our primary focus. We lose sight of that fire, the passion that gave us hope of connecting to humanity by making a positive difference in the lives of others.

As adults, work is an activity that we all have in common. Work life is symbolic of how we are socialized as adults; how we continue or discontinue to grow intellectually; how we are challenged to resolve conflict; how we are allowed to create, build, and maintain healthy relationships; and how we are encouraged to help others (building community).

Our work provides a sense of self and can be utilized as a vehicle to pursue our dreams (Levinson, 1978). Our career choices have the potential of meeting basic values and goals. However, a career that is oppressing and de-pressing can lead to alienation from self, work, and society (Levinson, 1978). If you believe that you are engaged in work that is not connected to your lifes passion then it is time to organize your life to attract your dream job!

In order to organize your life experiences and to find meaning, take a look at your present condition. Ask yourself, How did I get here? Did I find this job or did it find me? Do I feel satisfied everyday for a job well done? Does the work relationship allow me to bring my entire being into the workplace to be utilized as a resource? If my passion is the same as it was before entering into this work relationship, what steps do I need to take in order to get back on track?

Staying connected to work that is fulfilling, inspiring, and challenging adds significant meaning and value to your existence and to the lives of others.


Levinson, D.J. (1978). The Seasons of a Mans Life. Ballantine Books: New York.

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