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Quantitative Sessions of Potential Interest
at the APA Convention in San Francisco

Deniz S. Ones
University of Minnesota

This year the American Psychological Associations annual conference will take place between August 24 and 28 in San Francisco. During 20002001, I served as the program chair for Division 5 (Evaluation, Measurement, Statistics) of APA. (Wayne Camara of the College Board was division president.) Many SIOP members helped review programs, and I would like to thank them for their efforts. There are several presentations that have been scheduled as part of the Division 5 program that could be of interest to SIOP (Division 14) members. (Of course, these are in addition to the many excellent sessions that the Division 14 [SIOP] program offers).

Below I have listed some relevant highlights for Division 14. If you are planning to attend the APA conference, we hope that you will have the opportunity to check some of these sessions out.

Selected Highlights from Division 5s
Program at the 2001 APA Convention
(Schedule Tentative) 

Friday, August 24, 2001 

Symposium: 9:009:50 a.m.
Methodological Issues in Internet Research:
Lessons Learned and Future Directions

Chair: Christina Rodriguez

Christina Rodriguez, Maximizing External Validity and Using Monetary Incentives in Internet Research

Samuel Gosling, Jeff Potter, Half a Million Cases Wiser: Lessons Learned Collecting Internet Data

Michael Birnbaum, Making Internet Research Accessible to Scientists and Students

James Hamilton, Jeanette Waxmonski, Chat Room Technology in Social Science Research

Kenneth McGraw, Interactive Experimental at PsychExperiments: The Technology and the Results

John Krantz, Validity Issues in Web-Based Experimental Psychology Research

Panel Discussion: 10:0011:50 a.m.
Data Sharing: Who Needs It?

Cosponsored: Division 7
Chair: Wade Pickren
Cochair: Merry Bullock
Cochair: David Johnson

Participants: Harris Cooper, Brian MacWhinney, John McArdle, Jacquelyn James, Russell Church, George Wolford, Sarah Friedman

Discussants: Alice Eagly, Kurt Pawlik 

Invited Address: 12:0012:50 p.m.

Chair: Keith Widaman

Niels Waller, Assessing Causal Models in the Social Sciences: A New Approach to Verisimilitude and Popperian Risk

Invited Address: 2:002:50 p.m.

Chair: A.T. Panter

Lyle Jones, Multiplicity Personified: A Tribute to John W. Tukey 

Invited Symposium: 3:00 4:50 p.m.
Methodological Training for PhD Psychologists:
Current Status, Needs, Potential Mechanisms

Chair: Leona Aiken

Leona Aiken, Stephen West, Roger Millsap, Statistics, Measurement, and Methods Training: Survey of 210 PhD Programs

Philip Kendall, Issues in Methodological Training in Clinical Psychology

Ross Parke, Issues in Methodological Training in Developmental Psychology

Harry Reis, Issues in Methodological Training in Social Psychology

Stephen West, Leona Aiken, Training Psychologists for the Next Century of Research Methodology

Discussant: Mark Appelbaum 

Invited Address: 5:005:50 p.m.

Chair: Stephen West

Rand Wilcox, Robust ANOVA and Regression: Basics and Recent Advances

Saturday, August 25, 2001
Invited Address: 9:009:50 a.m.

Chair: Stephen West

Charles Reichardt, Improving Causal Inference in Research: Design Rules

Award Address: 10:0010:50 a.m.
Lifetime Contributions Award

Chair: Gwyneth Boodoo

Presenter: Susan Embretson, Tests Without Items? Cognitive and Psychometric Basis for Adaptive Online Item Generation 

Invited Address: 2:002:50 p.m.

Chair: Deniz Ones

Frank Schmidt, Fixed Versus Random Meta-Analysis Models: The Choice Does Make a Difference

Invited Address: 3:003:50 p.m.

Chair: Oliver John

Gerard Saucier, Going Beyond the Big Five 

Presidential Address: 4:004:50 p.m.

Chair: Mark Appelbaum

Wayne Camara, Do Accommodations Improve or Hinder Psychometric Qualities of Assessment for Individuals and Groups? 

Social Hour: 6:008:50 p.m.
Divisions 5 and 14

Sunday, August 26, 2001

Invited Debate: 11:0012:50 p.m.
Debating the Structure of Interests and Related Issues

Cosponsored: Division 17
Chair: Deniz Ones
Cochair: Chris Brown
Cochair: Nancy Murdock

Participants: Frederick Borgen, Gary Gottfredson, Jo-Ida Hansen, Lenore Harmon, Dale Prediger, James Rounds, Howard Tinsley, Terence Tracey 

Symposium: 3:003:50 p.m.
Measurement Error and Reliability

Chair: Frank Schmidt

Frank Schmidt, Remus Ilies, The Multifaceted Characteristic of Measurement Error: An Empirical Examination

Huy Le, Frank Schmidt, Kristy Lauver, How Reliable are Measures of Job Satisfaction?

Nathan Kuncel, Frederick Oswald, The Effects of Rounding on the Reliability and Validity of Selection Measures

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