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Introducing the Member-to-Member (M2M) Program

Beth G. Chung
San Diego State University

The Membership Committee is kicking off a program designed to help new members acclimate to the profession and SIOP.

Overview of Member-to-Member (M2M) Program

Objectives and rationale. The M2M program is a member-to-member resource program where information will be exchanged between senior and junior members. The goals of the M2M program are to integrate new members into the profession and the Society quickly. Ultimately, it is hoped that this program will help establish a cadre of new members who are active in the profession and the Society.

Who are junior members? Junior members are new members who have joined SIOP in the last 2 years. This program does not include students.

Who are senior members? Senior members are individuals who have been a member of SIOP for 5 or more years.

Matching criteria. Junior and senior members will be matched on geographic location, employment setting (academic, practitioner, etc.), interests, and other preferences.

Committee in charge of program. The Membership Committee is in charge of this program. Based on your location, employment setting, areas of interest, and degree level/type, or ethnicity preferences, the committee will match senior and junior members and inform each as to the means of making contact. 

Overall Guidelines for Relationship

The senior member will initiate the first contact with the junior member. First contact should occur within 2 weeks of the senior member receiving contact information. The junior member will initiate subsequent contact (e.g., every couple of months or as needed). The expectation is that the relationship will last for approximately a year. Senior and junior pairs should try to meet in person at SIOP if possible. Suggestions for discussion items during first contact (whether it be in person, e-mail or phone) might be: (a) background information (e.g., where grew up, where obtained degree, current job, etc.), (b) research interests or areas of work expertise, (c) expectations for relationship (e.g., frequency of contact, areas of discussion for future contact, etc.), and/or (d) exchange information on SIOP if junior member has questions. We have purposely structured this program loosely so that individual pairs can determine the course of their relationship.

Expectations and Responsibilities of Senior Members

A senior member is a resource person especially in areas regarding SIOP, sharing perceptions about SIOP and its opportunities (e.g., annual SIOP Conference, perceptions regarding what SIOP does, relationship to APA and APS, TIP, etc.); explaining how to get more involved in SIOP (e.g., joining committees, submitting proposals for the SIOP conference, participating in social events5k run, tours, etc.); providing SIOP background/history or directing new member to the appropriate person to get this kind of information; a possible resource person for networking with others in SIOP (e.g., introduce to others at Conference socials, provides suggestions for references if junior member needs a discussant for a symposium proposal, etc.); and someone who may be able to provide early career advice such as what to look for in a job, time management, organizational politics, and so forth.

A senior member is not a recruiter used to find the junior member a job, expected to be a life-long mentor (unless the relationship takes this course on its own), expected to commit a lot of time and resources, or expected to chaperone junior member at the SIOP Conference.

Benefits for Participating in the M2M Program

Benefits for senior members:

  • Opportunity to give back to ones professional community
  • Opportunity to meet a fellow SIOP membernetworking
  • Help a new member to feel more accepted within SIOP
  • Possibility of finding someone with common professional interests that may lead to future friendship/working relationship, and so forth

Benefits for junior members:

  • Opportunity to meet another SIOP membernetworking
  • Obtain information about SIOP
  • Become integrated into SIOP quickly
  • Acquire other useful information (e.g., early career advice) for integration into the profession
  • Possibility of finding someone with common professional interests that may lead to future friendship/working relationship, and so forth

If you are interested in serving as a senior member (someone who has been a member of SIOP for 5 or more years) or signing up as a junior member (someone who has been a member of SIOP for 2 years or less), please fill out the information below and fax, mail, or e-mail this information to M2M Program, SIOP Administrative Office, 520 Ordway Avenue, P. O. Box 87, Bowling Green, OH 43402, Fax: (419) 352-2645, e-mail: lhakel@siop.bgsu.edu. If you have any questions regarding this program, please contact Joan Glaman at joan.m.glaman@boeing.com or call (425) 393-6408.

Click here for sign-up form.

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