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Tips for Talking With the Media

Anne Marie Carlisi
Carlisi & Associates

As we learned from the survey reported by Gasser, Butler, Anderson, Whitsett, and Tan in the April 2001 edition of TIP, most of the business leaders surveyed had never heard of the field of I-O psychology. According to the authors, this lack of recognition of I-O psychology results in our profession being underutilized and underappreciated by business when there are many human resource problems that I-O psychologists really should address. A primary objective of the SIOP Visibility Committee is to promote I-O psychology to business and other areas of psychology. One of the ways we are doing this is to create more opportunities for SIOP members to be acknowledged as experts in the media on issues that are important to business leaders.

The good news is that reporters and writers are seeking out more SIOP members. These are great opportunities to share our expertise with the general public and provide greater visibility for SIOP and its members. If you are contacted by the media please take advantage of the opportunity to raise the profile of our profession and SIOP. Mention that you are a member of SIOP and take the opportunity to educate the media about what I-O psychology is and what SIOP is. Below are some useful talking points.

  • I-O psychologists specialize in improving the performance of business and government organizations by improving the performance and well-being of individuals, teams, and groups.
  • SIOP is an international group of approximately 6,000 I-O psychologists working as researchers, consultants, faculty members, and corporate managers. SIOP is a diverse group with one overarching interest, improving the effectiveness of people and organizations.
  • Thousands of companies and organizations have recognized the value that I-O psychologists bring to bear on making workplace improvements such as selecting highly qualified people, measuring employee performance, enhancing the quality of the work environment, developing training and development programs, and improving employee retention.
  • SIOPs Website at www.siop.org has a special section for media. Click on Media for more information about SIOP and to gain access to a database of 450 SIOP members who have expertise in different aspects of improving organizational and employee performance.

Remember, please respond promptly when contacted by a member of the press. They usually have very short deadlines and may not be able to wait days or even hours before their story has to go to press. And if you are quoted in the media, please send a copy of the story to the SIOP Administrative Office, PO Box 87, Bowling Green, OH 43402. SIOP is interested in collecting and sharing stories about our Members in the News.

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