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Update: Ad Hoc Committee on the Revision of the SIOP Principles

Dick Jeanneret, Chair

In spring of 2000, an Ad Hoc Committee was appointed to determine whether a revision to the Principles for the Validation and Use of Personnel Selection Procedures dated 1987 was necessary in light of the latest Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing (AERA, APA and NCME, 1999), as well as other developments that have taken place in the science and practice of I-O. The Committee had its first meeting in July 2000, and at that time defined its purpose, evaluated its composition, determined a need for an advisory panel consistent with the process used for previous revisions to the Principles, developed a strategy, outlined a plan of action, and prepared a schedule and budget for submission to the Executive Committee. At the fall 2000 Executive Committee meeting, the proposal was accepted and funding was approved to support the continued efforts of the Ad Hoc Committee.

Since the initial meeting, we have met on three other occasions and we have a lengthy meeting planned for July 2001. We anticipate submitting our first complete draft of the revisions to the Executive Committee and advisory panel by the fall of 2001. (Our initial projection was to have this draft by June 2001, but we clearly underestimated the amount of revision that we have deemed to be necessary.)

The hard working members of the Committee are Marcy Andberg, Steve Brown, Wayne Camara, Wanda Campbell, Donna Denning, Jerry Kehoe, Jim Outtz, Paul Sackett, Mary Tenopyr, Nancy Tippins, and Shelly Zedeck. Our team is working very well together, and we are confident that the membership will find the upcoming revision to our Principles to be a very worthwhile undertaking.

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