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Secretarys Report 

Janet Barnes-Farrell

The spring meeting of SIOPs Executive Committee and committee chairs was held on April 29 and 30, 2001 in San Diego, California. Highlights of decisions and topics of discussion at the meeting follow.

Bill Macey announced that the four proposed bylaws amendments presented to the membership were all approved during the recent elections.

Wanda Campbell and Dale Smalley reported that the new Consultant Locator System is now operational. The system has received a very positive response. There was some discussion of who the participating consultants are intended to be and who the intended users of the system are. The appropriateness and implications of including consultant licensure status as a search field in the locator system was debated. After extended discussion, it was agreed that the issue should be addressed by the Licensure Task Force before a final decision is made about including this search field in future versions of the Consultant Locator System.

Adrienne Colella described impending changes in the program submission and review process for the SIOP Program. Additional funds to implement these changes were approved with an Executive Committee Emergency Action. For 2001, some features of the old structure will be in place (e.g., paper submission, paper program), but eventually all advertising, submission, review, and program production/publication will be Web based.

Several surveys relating to Society operations that are currently underway or in the development stage were discussed. The minority survey and the new member survey are both scheduled to be presented on SurveySage during May. The general member survey will be prepared during the summer. It was also noted that a data collection mechanism for collecting immediate feedback and suggestions on the SIOP Conference is needed. The SIOP Conference committee will consider how this might be handled for the next Conference.

A proposal to implement a SIOP-sponsored student electronic mailing service was approved. The proposal for an unmoderated student electronic mailing service list, to be hosted by APA, was developed by the Electronic Communications Committee in response to student requests for additional opportunities to network with one another.

Ed Salas announced that Jossey-Bass (publisher of SIOPs Frontiers, Practice and the new HRSolutions series) is going to launch a service that will allow people to download chapters from our book series.

On behalf of the SIOP Foundation, Paul Thayer expressed thanks to Ed Salas and his colleagues who won the Owens Award, for returning their $1,000 award check to the Foundation. The Foundation has now put funding in place for the Small Grant Proposals program and the Educating the Public initiative. The first round of small grant proposals is being solicited this year.

Diane Maranto announced that Raynard Kington, new director of the Office of Behavioral and Social Science Research at NIH, is very interested in large research initiatives on the general topic of work and health. He is looking for guidance from I-O psychologists who can inform him about the feasibility of large-scale research on this topic.

Financial Officer Ray Johnson reported that the Society is in good shape financially at this point in the fiscal year. He noted that two new initiatives implemented by the Professional Practices committee, JobNet and the Consultant Locator Service, are both operating at a profit.

Gary Carter explained that SIOP has been subscribing to a service known as ProfNet, which assists the Society in making connections with the media. This has been helpful in meeting the Societys goal of raising the visibility of our profession and the work of our members. After some discussion of alternatives, a proposal was approved to provide the Administrative Office with additional funds to hire part-time help to carry out tasks in support of ProfNet.

Sunset review recommendations for the Awards Committee, the Long Range Planning Committee, and the State Affairs Committee were presented. Several modifications to the operations of each committee were recommended by LRP. Continuance of all three committees, incorporating these changes, was approved.

Mort McPhail and Mickey Quiones described the ongoing work of the SIOP Task Force on Licensure, which is charged with defining the meaning of a licensable I-O psychologist. They also summarized recent proposals by the APA Committee on Licensure and Accreditation that prompted formation of the task force. There was extended discussion of the importance of this issue for our field and the ways that we can most effectively respond to this situation, both with respect to APA and with respect to state legislation and regulations.

Katherine Klein presented a new mission statement for the Society that was developed at the winter meeting of the Long Range Planning Committee and revised in response to input from Executive Committee members and committee chairs. After discussion, the new mission statement was approved with minor revisions.

Laura Koppes noted that there was considerable interest expressed during the Conference in developing a forum for directors of I-O graduate programs to exchange information among themselves.

If you have questions or comments, I encourage you to contact me directly by e-mail at Janet.Barnes-Farrell@uconn.edu or by phone at (860) 486-5929.

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