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SIOP Program 2002: Going Electronic

Adrienne Colella
Texas A&M University

As I write this, it is one day after the 2001 Conference has ended. Even so, we have been working on the 2002 program for a few months now. This is a heads up to let you know that things are going to be done differently this year in terms of how submissions are made and how reviews are conducted. Were going electronic! Selection criteria wont change, but this year submissions and reviews will be done electronically. Full details will be provided on how to do this in the official call for proposals which you should receive this summer. You will also be receiving an e-mail request to act as a reviewer (if you are a SIOP member and have listed your e-mail address with the AO). If your e-mail address has changed recently, notify the SIOP Administrative Office.

This is an exciting time for the program. Scheduling, submitting, and reviewing will be more convenient and efficient for everyone involved. This will be a transition year, so there also may be some unforeseen glitches. Please pay careful attention to the official directions when submitting. Finally, if you would like to be a reviewer for the 2002 Conference Program, drop me an e-mail (Acolella@cgsb.tamu.edu), and Ill make sure you receive a reviewer sign-up form.

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