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SIOP Members in the News

Clif Boutelle
SIOP Media Consultant 

Most business leaders have never heard of the field of I-O psychology, as we learned from the survey reported by Gasser, Butler, Anderson, Whitsett, and Tan in the April 2001 issue of TIP, This lack of recognition results in our profession being underutilized and underappreciated by business when there are many human resource problems that I-O psychologists really should address.

One of the primary objectives of the SIOP Visibility Committee is to make people more aware of I-O psychology and the variety of work that SIOP members perform. The good news is that reporters and writers are becoming familiar with I-O psychology and are using SIOP members as resources for their stories. These are great opportunities to share our expertise with the general public and provide greater visibility for SIOP and its members.

Here is a sampling of news articles where SIOP members expertise is cited:

  • The January issue of Ebony magazine included Tonya A. Miller among its 30 Leaders of the Future, a selection of African-American men and women age 30 or under, who are on the fast track to success. Miller is a performance development specialist with GE Capital Card Services organizational effectiveness team. She was the first African-American to earn a doctorate in industrial-organizational psychology at Old Dominion University.
  • Talya Bauer, an associate professor in the School of Business at Portland State University, was interviewed on Oregon Public Radios weekly news magazine Oregon Considered about workplace mobbing, which is the persistent rudeness and humiliation of a coworker in an attempt to get the victim fired or to quit. The program aired on February 13 and was picked up by National Public Radio.
  • The March issue of Working Woman magazine quoted a study about the effectiveness of female and male managers as disciplinarians co-conducted by Leanne Atwater, a professor in the School of Management at Arizona State University West. The study showed that females were considered less effective and less fair than males when it came to disciplining employees.
  • Linn VanDyne, an associate professor of management at Michigan State University, and Jeffrey LePine, an assistant professor of management at the University of Florida, had their research on low-performing team members featured in the April 23 issue of the Lansing State Journal. VanDyne and LePine have developed a model to predict team behavior and presented the results of their 3-year research project at the April SIOP Conference in San Diego.
  • Edward E. Lawler, director of the University of Southern Californias Center for Effective Organizations, and David A. Nadler, chairman of Mercer Delta Consulting in New York City, were featured prominently in Carol Hymowitzs May 8th Wall Street Journal In The Lead column about how managers need to have a respect for the past while moving forward. Both offered comments regarding what happens to a company when it offers early buyout packages to long-term employees, who represent a huge chunk of the companys history and knowledge.
  • A meta-analysis of the widely used SAT, conducted by a University of Minnesota research team, including Sarah Hezlett, a doctoral candidate and manager of the research team; Nathan Kuncel, a psychology research fellow and the projects scientific and technical adviser; Deniz Ones, an associate professor of psychology; and John Campbell, a professor of I-O psychology, was the subject of widespread media attention at the San Diego Conference. The results of the comprehensive study showed that the SAT is indeed a valid predictor of success in college. Print coverage included a front-page story in the San Diego UnionTribune, and stories in the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Chronicle of Higher Education, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Arizona Republic, Chattanooga Times, Hackensack (NJ) Record and Education Week. The story was also picked up by the Associated Press Bureau in San Diego. In addition, team members were interviewed by San Diego television stations KFMB-TV (CBS) and XETV (Fox). They also appeared on Minnesota Public Radio and WCCO radio in Minneapolis.
  • Barbara Gutek, a professor of management and policy at the University of Arizona, was the source for a story on zero tolerance policies in the workplace that appeared in the April 16 issue of the Sacramento Bee. Such policies are both misleading and nebulous and are not effective in dealing with sexual harassment, she said. Rather, she added, they are a superficial attempt to deal with an important issue.

Perhaps the media highlight of the Conference was the appearance of several SIOP members on Psychology Today Live!, an Internet radio Webcast, hosted by Dr. Robert Epstein, editor-in-chief of Psychology Today magazine. The 2-hour show featured Anne Marie Ryan of Michigan State University and SIOPs president-elect, who discussed the field of I-O psychology and SIOP; Peggy Stockdale of Southern Illinois University; and Maureen OConnor of the John Jay College of Criminal Justice were interviewed about their panel presentation and research on zero-tolerance policies in the workplace; Jeff LePine of the University of Florida and Linn VanDyne of Michigan State University discussed their work on measuring peer responses to low-performing work team members; and Nathan Kuncel and Sarah Hezlett of the University of Minnesota talked about the SAT study their research team conducted.

There are more occasions when SIOP members have appeared in media reports that we do not know about. Let us know when you or a SIOP colleague are quoted in or are the subject of a news story. We will include those mentions in future SIOP Members in the News columns.

You can pass along copies of articles where SIOP members are featured, quoted or mentioned to the SIOP Administrative Office at 520 Ordway Avenue, P.O. Box 87, Bowling Green, OH 43402, or let us know about them by e-mail to Lhakel@siop.bgsu.edu or fax to (419) 352-2645.



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