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SIOP Foundation Celebrates Charter Year in New Orleans

The SIOP Foundation celebrated the charter year of their first campaign by honoring our contributors at the desert reception at SIOP's annual meeting in New Orleans. At the reception, a brochure was presented listing more than 130 contributors to the foundation who as a group gave a total of over $480,000. The list of contributors is presented below. We owe everyone a warm round of applause and thanks. Every contribution, large and small, is important to the future of SIOP. Our contributions are placed in an endowment which grows and gives us the opportunity to help our membership in the pursuit of its goals. Please remember to keep giving to help promote activities which will benefit both the practice and science of I-O psychology. Your contributions are tax deductible. Please contact the SIOP Administrative Office for further information on how to make a contribution.

During this summer, we will be publishing our first annual report of the activities of the foundation and we will be sending everyone a copy. Also, the Foundation Committee will be meeting this summer to consider funding various proposals that will benefit our membership. We look forward to receiving any ideas you have.

Many thanks to all of our contributors. They are listed below.

Legacy Donor: Ronald G. Downey.

Honorary Group MembershipGifts of $5,000 or More

$100,000: Frank J. Landy, SIOP Members

$25,000_$99,999: American Institutes for Research, Susan S. Myers, and Barbara Owens

$5,000_$24,999: Michael A. Campion, Wayne F. Cascio, Ron G. Downey, Edwin & Pauline Fleishman, Irv & Micki Goldstein, Milton and Lee Hakel, Mildred E. Katzell, Raymond A. Katzell, William H. Macey, William H. Mobley, James D. Myers, Lyman W. Porter, James and Sheri Quick, Paul and Patricia Sackett, Paul W. Thayer, Jack W. Wiley, and Sheldon Zedeck.

Charter Group MembershipGifts up to $5,000

$1,000$4,999: Lewis E. Albright, Walter C. Borman, Douglas W. Bray, Michael J. Burke, David P. Campbell, Jeanette N. Cleveland, James L. Farr, Lawrence Fogli, Jay A. Gandy, Donald L. Grant, Richard A. Guzzo, Ronni M. Haston, A. Catherine Higgs, George P. Hollenbeck, Ann Howard, Daniel R. Ilgen, Mark A. Jones, Doug Johnson, Kania School of Management_University of Scranton, Richard Klimoski, C. H. Lawshe, Eugene Mayfield, Angela G. McDermott, Howard McFann Memorial, Jeffrey J. McHenry, Herbert H. Meyer, Joseph L. Moses, Kevin R. Murphy, Personnel Psychology, Personnel Research Associates, Simcha Ronen, Neal and Kara Schmitt, Benjamin Schneider, Jeffrey R. Schneider, Mary L. Tenopyr, Texas Instruments, and Nancy T. Tippins.

$250 - $999: Richard S. Barrett, Larry D. Eldridge, Frank and Jeanne Fischer, Robert Perloff, Elaine D. Pulakos, and Jeffrey C. Quinn.

$100- $249: Abram B. Barch, Janet L. Barnes-Farrell, Thomas E. Becker, James A. Breaugh, Wayne J. Camara, Georgia T. Chao, Kenneth and Miriam Clark, Michael Coovert, Angelo S. DeNisi, Arthur J. Drucker, Franklin H. Foote, Edie L. Goldberg, Mirian Graddick, Robert Guion, P. Richard Jeanneret, W. Roy Johnson, Gerald A. Kesselman, Janice R. Klein, Katherine Klein, Steven W. J. Kozlowski, Mark L. Lifter, Art C. MacKinney, Debra A. Major, John D. Mallonee, Jennifer W. Martineau, Robert F. Morrison, Lois E. Tetrick, and Vicki V. Vandaveer.

Under $100: Thomas G. Baker, Guy G. Besnard, James L. Bowditch, Sharon B. Buchbinder, Allan H. Church, Joe Colihan, Maureen A. Conard, David P. Costanza, Mary W. Daley, Denton Enterprises, Richard D. Draper, Dennis G. Faust, J. Kevin Ford, Bob Glaser, Hodges L. Golson, William H. Gutow, Todd C. Harris, Rosemary Hays-Thomas, William H. Hendrix, Larry G. Hopkins, Robert A. Jako, Laura L. Koppes, Phil T. Launer, P. Lopez-Prado, Clyde J. Lindley, Robert A. Magoon, S. Morton McPhail, Lynn R. Offerman, Gloria M. Pereira, Lester G. Phares, Charles A. Pierce, Craig J. Russell, Jeff S. Schippmann, Michael J. Stevens, Eric Sundstrom, Robert R. Taylor, Albert S. Thompson, Peter Villanova, and Frederic R. Wickert.

Gifts have been made in honor of: Earl A. Alluisi by Robert Magoon; Jack Bartlett by Irv and Micki Goldstein and Ben Schneider; Bernard Bass by Wayne Cascio; Joseph M. Burke by Michael Burke; Harold E. Burtt by Edwin and Pauline Fleishman; Richard Campbell by Rick Guzzo, Joel Moses, and Mildred Katzell; Larry L. Cummings by Kania School of Management, University of Scranton; Edwin Ghiselli by William H. Mobley and Lyman Porter; Irv Goldstein by Georgia Chao; Robert Guion by Frank Landy; Mason Haire by Lyman Porter; C. H. Lawshe by Lewis E. Albright; John Mathieu by Jennifer Martineau; E. J. McCormick by Lewis E. Albright; Howard McFann by Edwin and Pauline Fleishman; Michigan State University I-O Program Deptartment of Psychology by Jeff Schneider; William A. Owens by Lewis E. Albright; Erich Prien by Mark A. Jones and William H. Macey; Carroll L. Shartle by Edwin and Pauline Fleishman; Neal Schmitt by Ronni Haston; William E. Scott, Jr. by Kania School of Management, University of Scranton, Joseph Tiffin by Lewis E. Albright; Paul Thayer by Eugene Mayfield; Don Trumbo by Miriam Graddick and Frank Landy.

The generosity of the people named above has made this year a wonderful success for the SIOP Foundation. Please join with the Foundations Board of Directors in thanking all who contributed. Without them, the Foundation would not be reality.


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