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The Industrial-Organizational Psychologist

Vol. 37/No. 1  July, 1999



A Message From Your President
Angelo DeNisi

What I Told Barb, Rick, and Angie: Reflections of a Retired Business School Professor
Robert Perloff

Dateline 2020: A Look Back at I-O at the Turn of the Millennium
Marc Berwald and Milt Hakel 

Coaching and the SAT I
Wayne J. Camara and Donald Powers

The National Research Council's Committee on Human Factors (or "Human Factors: It's More Than You Think")
Daniel R. Ilgen and William C. Howell

Should We Be Driving Technology Solutions or Just Be Passengers on the Wild Ride? A Positive Look at Our Field and Technology
Nathan J. Mondragon 

Views of Academic I-O Psychologists Toward Internet-Based Instruction
Stephen J. Vodanovich and Chris Piotrowski

The State of Telework Research
Nancy L. deLay 

When Disaster Strikes: Where Are the Psychologists?
Jim Morrison


From the Editor: In the Summertime
Allan H. Church

Practice Network: It May Be a Pretty Big World After All
Michael M. Harris

TIP-TOPics for Students
Kim Hoffman and Suzanne Vu

The Real World: Generation X or Generation Gap?
Janine Waclawski 

International Forum
Dirk D. Steiner 

Informed Decisions: Research-Based Practice Notes
Steven G. Rogelberg 

Global Vision: Cultural Processes in Performance Appraisal and Group Loyalty and International Testing Issues
Charmine E. J. Hrtel

Work in the 21st Century: The Role of I-O in Organizational Change
Karen May 

Traveling in Cyberspace: Psychology and Software Design, Part I
Philip Craiger

Coming Soon: Early Careers
Lori Foster and Dawn Riddle


1999 SIOP Award Winners
Francis J. Yammarino 

The Ad Hoc Committee on Ethnic Minority Affairs: Better Known as CEMA
Beth Chung 

Proposed SIOP Bylaws Amendment
Janet L. Barnes-Farrell

APA Council of Representatives
Wayne J. Camara 

Frontiers Series Committee Report and Request for Proposals
Neal Schmitt

Report on the 14th Annual I-O Doctoral Consortium
Lyse Wells and Michelle Marks

Call for Fellowship Nominations
William H. Macey

Call for Nominations and Entries: 2000 Awards for SIOP

APA Funds University Sites to Develop Occupational Health Psychology Curricula
Heather Roberts Fox

Update on Test Anxiety Case
Heather Roberts Fox





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