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Update on the M2M Program

Beth Chung
San Diego State University

Thank you for the great response to our new M2M (Member-to-Member) program! We already have 58 junior and 101 senior members signed up. There is still time to get involved. If you are interested in being a junior partner (someone who has been a full member of SIOP for less than 2 years) or a senior partner (someone who has been a full member of SIOP for 5 or more years), please complete the application posted in the July 2001 issue of TIP which is also available online at www.siop.org (in the July 2001 issue of TIP online).

If you mailed or faxed in M2M application forms to the SIOP Administrative Office prior to May 25th, please resend/refax them, as the originals are presumed to be lost in the mail after the Administrative Office forwarded them to Joan Glaman. If you are not sure about when you sent the form or have questions about the program, please contact Joan Glaman at joan@glaman.com or phone (425) 393-6408.


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