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The Industrial-Organizational Psychologist

Vol. 36/No. 4  April, 1999



A Message from Your President
Elaine Pulakos

Income and Employment of SIOP Members in 1997
Jennifer L. Burnfield and Gina J. Medsker

Ambiguity in Research: Not Necessarily a Bad Thing
Michael S. Cole

Education Establishment Bias? A Look at the National Research Council’s Critique of Test Utility Studies
Richard P. Phelps

Work-Family Comes to the World of Sports
Scott J. Behson

President Clinton Proposes Government "Solution" for "Gender Pay Gap"
James C. Sharf

Guidelines for MultiSource Feedback When Used for Decision Making
David W. Bracken and Carol W. Timmreck

Ideals of Science: Persons Behind the SIOP Awards
Laura L. Koppes


From the Editor: Keep the Customer Satisfied
Allan H. Church

Practice Network: I-O Psychology.Com—The Internet and I-O Psychology
Michael M. Harris

TIP-TOPics for Students
Dawn Riddle and Lori Foster

The Real World: Verbicide, Do You Remember When Paradigm Used to be a Very Cool Word?
Janine Waclawski

International Forum
Dirk D. Steiner

Informed Decisions: Research-Based Practice Notes
Steven G. Rogelberg

Global Vision: International Approaches to Incentives, Performance Evaluation, and Policy Implementation—Findings from England, Australia, and the U.S.A.
Charmine E. J. Hrtel



SIOP’S Pro Bono Initiative
Ann Marie Ryan

Professional Practice Book Series: Translating Science into Practice
Eduardo Salas

Secretary’s Report
Bill Macey

Division 5 President’s Message: Many Signs of New Life in Quantitative Methods
Leona S. Aiken

Taking Applied Police Psychology into the 21st Century Via the Web
James E. Kuthy

A "Virtual" Roundtable
Michael Fetzer

Testing the Scope of ADA: What do the Justices Face in 1999
Heather Roberts Fox

1999 APA Division 14 Program
Murray R. Barrick







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