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Volume 54     Number 4    Spring 2017      Editor: Tara Behrend

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Editorial Columns

From the Editor
Tara S. Behrend

President's Column
Mort McPhail

Crash Course in I-O Technology: A Crash Course in Natural Language Processing

Richard N. Landers

I-Opener: What If You Sent Videos Out Before (or Instead of) Meetings?
Brandy Parker & Steven Toaddy

Getting to Know SIOP's Award Winners: Hogan Award for Personality and Work Performance
Liberty Munson & Garett Howardson

The Academic's Forum: On Using Personal Experience for Research Inspiration
Allison S. Gabriel

On the Legal Front
Art Gutman

Max Classroom Capacity: To Pop or Not? A Discussion of Pop Quizzes as Learning Assessments
Loren Naidoo

SIOP in Washington: Advocating for I-O in Federal Public Policy
Jill Bradley-Geist & Laura Uttley

Lost in Translation: Talking I-O With Policymakers and Funding Agencies
Andrew Collmus and Michael Litano

Learning About Learning: Trends in Workplace Training
Amy DuVernet & Tom Whelan

International Practice Forum: The Licensure Issue in Industrial-Organizational Psychology: Recent Ongoings Within Canada
Lynda Zugec & John Michela

TIP-TOPics for Students: TheVersatile Graduate Student: Using Extra-Role Activities to Increase Your Job Marketability
Grace Ewles, Thomas Sasso, & Jessica Sorenson

I-O Outside I-O: A Quarterly Review of Relevant Research From Other Disciplines
Mark Alan Smith and Alex Alonso

Practitioner Forum: An Update From the Professional Practice Committee
Will Shepherd

Spotlight on Humanitarian Work Psychology: From Corporations to Causes: The Demand for HWP Shujaat Ahmed & Morrie Mullins

New Local I-O Group in Los Angeles Leads With its Purpose: The People Experience Project
Nazanin Tadjbakhsh, Peter Rutigliano, & Anna Erickson


Feature Stories

Has Industrial-Organizational Psychology Lost Its Way?
Deniz S. Ones, Robert B. Kaiser, Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, Cicek Svensson
A provocative article about the future of I-O

Closing the Scientist-Practitioner Gap: Studies From 2016 With Significant Practical Utility
Alyssa Perez, Corey Grantham, Izabela Widlak, Shreya Sarkar-Barney
Authors share their perspective about the practical utility of top research studies

"Marx Was Right": Lessons From Lewin
Nathan Gerard
Lewin's legacy might be more relevant than ever today 

ATTN: Technology Training Is the Need of the Hour
Tilman Sheets and Bharati Belwalkar

What technology skills do I-Os need? Two articles explore the power of brain science for I-O psychology

Organizational Neuroscience: Growing Smarter in Work Design by Getting Brainy Through Organizational Neuroscience
MK Ward & Sharon Parker

The Bridge: Connecting Science and Practice: Bridging I-O Science and Practice With ASCN
Rob Snyder with Mark Poteet, Lynda Zugec, & Craig Wallace


Annual Conference Section
Plan your time at the annual conference!

Orlando Conference Highlights
Zack Horn and Daisy Chang 

Prepare to Impact the Future of I-O at SIOP 2017
Tracy Kantrowitz

LGBT-Related Functions and Programming for the 2017 SIOP Annual Conference
LGBT Committee

Modern App:#SIOP17 Program Preview: Technology Roundup for Orlando
Tiffany Poeppelman and Evan Sinar

Student-Focused Sessions
E&T Committee

Your Guide to Reproducible Research (RR) at SIOP 2017
Zack Horn, Rob Stilson, Daly Vaughn

Don’t Skip the Placement Center: The Best Marketplace for I-O Talent
Lorin Mueller and Kathakali Sircar



Paul W. Thayer Obituary
Michael A. Campion

Letter to the Editor: The Research Integrity Issue: Exploratory or Confirmation Stage?
George Graen

Call for Applications:TIP-TOPics Student Columnists

Highlights of SIOP’s Programming at the2017 APA Convention
Mindy Shoss

UN Initiatives for Women and the SIOP UN Committee
SIOP UN Committee

APA Council of Representatives Report
Deirdre Knapp, Stephen Stark, Gary Latham, and Deborah Whetzel

Membership Milestones
Jayne Tegge, Stephany Below, and Clif Boutelle

Conferences & Meetings
Marianna Horn

SIOP Members in the News
Clif Boutelle


Timeless TIP
Archive articles with relevance for today! 
The SIOP Living History Series:
An Interview With Paul W. Thayer
Kevin Mahoney and Jeffrey M. Cucina 
July 2014 


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