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Volume 54     Number 3    Winter 2017      Editor: Tara Behrend

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Editorial Columns

Letters to the Editor

President's Column
Mort McPhail

The Bridge: Connecting Science and PracticeHuntington Bank’s VOICE Colleague Engagement Survey
William Shepherd and Robert E. Ployhart (Column Editors: Mark L. Poteet, Lynda Zugec, and Craig Wallace) 
Recent HRM Impact Award winners share their strategy.

The Modern App—2017 Technology Trends: Are I-O Psychologists Prepared
Tiffany Poeppleman and Evan Sinar

Crash Course in I-O Technology: A Crash Course in Machine Learning
Richard N. Landers

The IOpener: Workaholism—It’s Good! It’s Bad! It’s Inconsistently Defined
Qin Cai and ./Steven Toaddy

The History Corner: Digital Humanities and the Psychology of Work

Nathan T. Carter, Megan R. Lowery, and Lane E. Siedor

Expanding the limits of I-O research

Getting to Know SIOP's Award Winners: Showcasing Small Grant Winners
Liberty Munson and Garett Howardson

Lost in Translation: Overcoming Critics and Barriers in Applied Organizational Research
Michael Litano and Andrew Collmus

Learning About Learning: Who Are L&D Employees?
Amy DuVernet and Tom Whelan
Explaining the 1.4 million job listings with the word “training” in the title!


International Practice Forum: Organizational and Work Psychology in Brazil
Lynda Zugec with Iuri Novaes Luna, Laura Cardoni Ruffier, and Caio Henrique de Mendonca Chaves Incrocci

TIPTopics for Students: Bringing Education to Life: Creatively Applying and Transferring I-O
Thomas Sasso, Jessica Sorenson,  and Grace Ewles


I-O Outside I-O: A Quarterly Review of Relevant Research From Other Disciplines

Mark Alan Smith and Alex Alonso
The best of fields closely aligned with I-O psychology 


Practitioner Forum: An Update from the Professional Practice Committee
Will Shepherd

JUST ADDED!  New Local I-O Group in Los Angeles Leads With its Purpose: The People Experience Project
Nazanin Tadjbakhsh, Peter Rutigliano, and Anna Erickson






Special Section: 
2016 Presidential Election

From the EditorPresident Trump
Tara Behrend

The Academics' ForumOn What to Say After an Election
Allison S. Gabriel

 On the Legal Front: Surprise! 
Rich Tonowski
How a Trump presidency will impact I-O

LGBT Issues in Research and Practice: Concerns for LGBT Workers After the 2016 Presidential Election and What I-O Professionals Can Do About It
Daniel A. Gandara, Michelle L. Jackson, and Steve Discont

Max. Classroom Capacity: Trumped up Teaching! Lessons From the 2016 US Presidential Election for the I-O Psychology Classroom
Loren Naidoo

SIOP in Washington: Advocating for I-O in Federal Public Policy 
Jill Bradley-Geist and Laura Uttley
Trump, the GOP, and the impact on research, education, and healthcare


Really, I Come Here for The Food: Sex as a BFOQ for Restaurant Servers  
Michael Aamodt

Feature Stories

I-O Graduate Programs Ranking: Update
Nicholas P. Salter, Joseph A. Allen, Allison S. Gabriel, David Sowinski, and Loren Naidoo
The proposals are in and the teams are hard at work.

Overview of Results From the 2016 Income and Employment Survey
Amy DuVernet, Mark Poteet, Brandy Parker, Kate Conley, and Anne Herman
How does your salary stack up against others in the industry? Find out now!

Highlights From the 2016 Income & Employment Survey

100 Years of Titles in the Journal of Applied Psychology
Kyle McNeal, Jordan Stoeger, and Amanda Kreun 

A timely look at the evolution of an important research tool.

The Research Integrity Issue: Is There A Problem Behind the Problem? A Reply to List & McDaniel

Edwin Locke

Another viewpoint for your consideration.

 On Becoming an Academic Orphan
Thomas F. Hilton
Losing someone is never easy; losing a mentor is doubly difficult.

How Do Our Conference Sessions Track With SIOP’s Top Workplace Trends? 
SCi Task Force & Authors: Jessica Thornton, Tiffany Poeppelman, Evan Sinar, Michael Armstrong, and Nikki Blacksmith 
Is our conference keeping up or falling behind?

SIOP Announces Top 10 Workplace Trends for 2017 
SIOP Administrative Office


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SIOP Orlando 2017: A Welcome From Your Conference Chair
Daisy Chang

2017 Conference Program 
Zach Horn




Membership Milestones
Jayne Tegge, Stephany Below, and Clif Boutelle

Conferences & Meetings
Marianna Horn

SIOP Members in the News
Clif Boutelle


David Tomczak




Timeless TIP
Archive articles with relevance for today! 

Patchwork Protections: Progress and Problems in Battling Sexual Orientation Discrimination in Employment     

Margaret S. Stockdale
(Winter 2008)