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Announcing: The SIOP Foundation

Elaine D. Pulakos

Chair, Long Range Planning Committee

Foundations have become a very attractive way to support certain educational and charitable activities. By accruing funds and spending only the earnings, an organization such as SIOP can sponsor scholarships, provide awards for excellence, stimulate research, and bring creative solutions into the realm of possibility by providing funding. Gifts to a Foundation are fully tax deductible and certain gifts, such as appreciated assets, can provide lifetime earnings to the donor as well as an immediate tax deduction.

Foundations give us a way to honor friends and colleagues with a living memorial. They provide a way to pool our small gifts so that a large work can be funded. They provide a way to fund future work.

SIOP now has a foundation!

After researching several options to provide SIOP members with a means for making tax deductible contributions to SIOP, the SIOP Foundation has been established as a fund of the Dayton Community Foundation. Because the Dayton Community Foundation is a 501.c.3. organization, all contributions made to SIOP via the Dayton Foundation are fully tax deductible. All money contributed to the foundation on behalf of SIOP will be maintained and accounted for separately in SIOP funds.

Two sub-funds have been established within the SIOP fund: (1) a scholarship fund and (2) a general charitable purpose fund. Contributions to the first fund will be used for scholarships only. The second fund will be used for awards and grants that will stimulate both research and practice in our field. Criteria are being developed for special awards, scholarships, and grants that will carry the name of the donor or the honoree.

Contributions to the foundation must be used for benevolent purposes only and cannot be used for general SIOP operating expenses. More information will be forthcoming about how SIOP members and friends of SIOP can use their money to enhance SIOP, gain the benefits of philanthropy, and honor their colleagues with living memorials.

A contribution for any amount can be made to the SIOP foundation. If you would like to donate now and help get the SIOP Foundation up and running, we strongly encourage you to do so. Please indicate whether you wish your gift to go to the scholarship fund or the general purpose fund. Gifts not designated for a specific fund will go to the general purpose fund. All contributions will be acknowledged in writing. In order to be tax deductible, checks should be made payable to the Dayton Community Foundation/SIOP Fund. Contributions should be sent to

SIOP Administrative Office

P O Box 87

Bowling Green OH 43402-0087

We do not know what challenges SIOP will face in the future, but supporting excellence and finding solutions to problems usually involves money. By supporting the SIOP Foundation, you will provide the resources to help future leaders maintain the vitality of the science and practice of Industrial and Organizational Psychology.