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From the Editor:  Reflections on a Changing World

Debra A. Major
Old Dominion University

 It may have seemed odd to some for the October issue of TIP to have arrived with no mention of the events of September 11th. Theres a simple explanation. TIP is finalized and goes into production 2 months in advance. Thus, it is November 12 as I write this column, and its difficult to know what to say. I was actually planning to start writing on November 10. On that day here in Norfolk, Virginia there was a real spirit of celebration. I wanted to share with you the joy and pride of witnessing the safe return of the USS Enterprise. But Ive learned, as have we all, what a big difference a day or two can make. Today, American Airlines Flight 587 went down in Queens, New York. Was it a tragic accident? Was it another act of terrorism? We probably wont know for some time. Maybe well know by the time you read this column. My fear is that theres more to come; that whatever I say here will be dated by tomorrow, let alone come January. Now, more than ever, our world seems subject to change.

Over the past 2 months, Ive heard a great many public condolences directed toward those who were personally affected by the tragedies on September 11. Its certainly heartening to see the outpouring of support for the families of those who lost their lives. At the same time, it seems to me that we were all personally and permanently affected. Im sure each of us is still sorting out what these events, the ongoing war effort, and an uncertain future mean for us personally. Professionally, Im simply proud to be part of a discipline that has so much to offer as we cope with change and the challenges ahead.

In this issue of TIP, youll find many thoughtful reflections on the events of September 11th. Look to Bill Maceys A Message from Your President for a discussion of the contributions I-O psychology can make to the issues facing our nation. In On the Legal Front, Art Gutman explores the ramifications of recent events for workplace discrimination and provides a historical legal context that demonstrates how far weve come since World War II. In A Matter of Difference, Bernardo Ferdman and Martin Davidson provide a contemplative treatment of diversity and what it means to be us and them in the aftermath of September 11th.

In these times of uncertainty, I take comfort in the fact that this issue also contains a great deal of evidence that SIOP is continuing to engage in professional business as usual. This issue is chock full of conference information, as we prepare for our 17th annual meeting in Toronto. Hopefully, as is the goal in every issue, this issue also contains something for everyone.

Whats in This Issue of TIP for Me?

 For Everyone

Bill Maceys Presidential Message
Licensure Issues
2000 Salary Survey Note
Transfer of Training Estimates
Beware the Gourman Report
Fun with the Name I-O and Alternatives
I-O in Australia
SIOP Members in the News
Online Interaction for I-O
New SIOP Members
News about SIOP members

For Students and Educators

TIP-TOPics Student Column
2002 Doctoral Consortium
Teaching Sessions in 2003

Perspectives on Practice

Discrimination Laws and 9-11
Perspectives on Differences and 9-11
I-O and the Use of Technology

Professional Development

The Pay Off of Hard Work
Sidney Fine Award
2002 Tutorials
2002 Workshops
Conferences and Meetings
Calls and Announcements

SIOP Conference 2002

Registration Information

SIOP Initiatives

Seeking Authors for Solutions Series
Frontiers Series Update
SIOP Secretarys Report
Proposal Submission Process

APA Information

Task Force on Psychological Testing on the Internet
Report on APA Council Meeting 2001


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