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TIP January 1997

Table of Contents


A Message from Your President
James L. Farr

Creation, Early Structure, and Early Concerns of Division 14
James L. Farr

Oh! For the Good Old Days!
Paul W. Thayer

Reminiscences of 1946 and its Historical Context
Fred Wickert

An Early Stumulus to Psychology in Industry: A History of the Dearborn Conference Group
Herb Meyer

The Family Tree
Frank Landy

Preserving the History of APA Division 14/SIOP
Laura L. Koppes

Why Incorporation Looked (and Still Looks) Attractive
Milton D. Hakel

Incorporation: A Coming of Age
Richard J. Campbell

Technology, Organizations, and Work in the 20th Century
Philip Craiger

TIPical Trends: An Examination of the Evolution of TIP
Lori L. Foster and Michael D. Coovert


Michael D. Coovert

SIOP Annual Conference '97: What You Need to Know
Katherine J. Klein

A Review of Psychological and Behavioral Research on Affirmative Action
David A. Kravitz, David A. Harrison, Marlene E. Turner, Edward L. Levine, Wanda Chaves, Michael T. Brannick, Donna L. Denning, Craig J. Russell, and Maureen A. Conard


Celebrating the Golden Anniversary of APA Division 14 (Now known as SIOP)
Laura L. Koppes

Secretary's Report
Bill Macey

APA Council Report
Richard Klimoski

Professional Practice Committee Update
Catherine Higgs

Twelfth Annual I/O Doctoral Consortium
Peter Bachiochi and Steven Rogelberg

Personnel Psychology: Striving for Continuous Improvement
John R. Hollenbeck, Incoming Editor


Update on the Revision of the Test Standards
Dianne C. Browne

APA Task Force Convened on Test User Qualifications
Dianne C. Browne

JCTP Statement Clarifies Test Taker Rights and Responsibilities
Heather E. Roberts

Reauthorization of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973
Heather E. Roberts and Dianne L. Schneider


Robert D. Dugan



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