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A Message From Your President 

Adrienne Colella

As I write this, there is barely the first sign of fall in New Orleans, which means Thanksgiving is right around the corner. It also means that my year as president is halfway over. I’ve learned a lot, but one of the most important things that I’ve learned is how much work, care, and passion my colleagues on the Executive Board put into their volunteer duties to benefit our profession. For this, I am truly thankful. In recent articles appearing in TIP, it has been suggested that there is an academic–practitioner split. However, it does not appear that way to me when I consider how the Executive Board and committee chairs, who represent all forms of the science and practice of I-O psychology, work together to keep things going. I’d like to take this opportunity to say thanks to them and let you know about some of the things that have been going on.

First of all, I’d like to thank the APA representatives: Howard Weiss, Deborah Major, David Peterson, and Paul Thayer. They give up many weekends throughout the year to attend APA council meetings (which from what I understand are not always that exciting), monitor what is going on, report back, and initiate action on issues that are relevant to SIOP. They also work with Deirdre Knapp, the chair of our new External Relations Committee, to make sure that SIOP members get placed on important APA committees so that we are represented as well as possible (hint, hint, if you are interested in doing this, contact Deirdre). Debbie also spends a lot of time and energy (and weekends away from home) with her involvement in CODAPAR, an APA committee that puts on their own conference in January for division leaders. As you read this, Howard’s term as APA rep will have ended, and he will be replaced by John Scott (who deserves additional kudos for his work in getting SIOP NGO status). We’ll all miss Howard’s wisdom at our meetings.

Joan Brannick, our Professional Practice Officer, may seem to have it easy because she has only two committees in her portfolio. However, St. Joan has probably seen more action in the past year than anyone else. Joan has been quite busy writing responses on behalf of SIOP to guidelines, model acts, taxonomies, and so on. She puts together committees and drafts detailed, carefully thought out responses to issues of vital concern to Society members. Some examples in the last year have been a response to the APA’s Model Licensing Act, ASPPB Model Licensure Act, and the APA/CRSPPP application to be considered a specialty within psychology. Joan has also been instrumental in ensuring more SIOP representation (along with our State Affairs Chair Mark Nagy) at ASPPB meetings so that we can better monitor and influence state issues regarding the practice of I-O psychology. Finally, Joan, along with Rich Cober (Chair of Professional Practice) and Tracy Kantrowitz have been instrumental in developing a deal with EBSCO so that SIOP members can have access to this database at a reasonable cost. We all have Joan to thank.
External Affairs Officer Lori Foster Thompson deserves our appreciation for helping to internationalize SIOP and make us more visible. Lori has the External Relations Committee (Deirdre Knapp, Chair), International Affairs Committee (Donald Truxillo, Chair), and Visibility Committee (Alexis Fink, Chair) in her portfolio. Big events that have taken place this year are the creation for the Alliance for Organizational Psychology, of which SIOP is a founding member, and all the work that has gone into finding a marketing firm to increase SIOP’s visibility to the business community and general public. Thanks to Lori and her committees’ work, SIOP is on its way to having more of both a domestic and international presence.

Milt Hakel has done a great deal for SIOP over the years, including serving as president. However, I am now limiting my thanks for his work in the current role of Instructional and Educational Officer. Milt oversees Continuing Education (Kevin Smith and Jacqueline Walls, CE Coordinators), Education and Training (Mikki Hebl and Scott Tonidandel, Chair and Chair in Training [CiT]), and the Doctoral Consortium (Linda Shanock and Tracey Rizzuto, Chair and CiT). These committees are always very active. Most recently, however, outside regular goings on, Milt, along with Mikki, Scott, and Joan Brannick, wrote SIOP’s response to APA/CRSPPP’s proposed Guidelines and Taxonomy for Education and Training. In his spare time Milt is also president of the SIOP Foundation and the Alliance for Organizational Psychology. I am thankful that Milt wasn’t really serious when he said he was retiring. 

Scott Highouse, our Publications Officer, oversees the IOP journal (Cynthia McCauley, Editor), the Organizational Frontiers Series (Eduardo Salas, Editor), and the Professional Practice Series (Allen Kraut, Editor), along with the Publications Board. Scott has been extremely busy over the past year since all three publications are going through an editor change. It’s up to Scott to guide this process. Our Publications Board is a relatively new committee within SIOP and it is still working out all the ways it will ensure that SIOP turns out the highest quality publications. Scott has had a very busy year, indeed! Thanks!

Julie Olson-Buchanan, Conferences and Programs Officer, presides over the six committees involved in putting on all our conferences. This is one big job and involves EVERYTHING that goes into our conferences (SIOP annual conference, Leading Edge Consortium, workshops) and our participation in the APA and APS conferences. Worries include everything from the price of eggrolls, CE credits, programming, hotel layout, to where we are going to hold the conference 7 years from now. Julie coordinates the fantastic and tireless work of Lisa Finkelstein and Robin Cohen (SIOP Conference Chair and CiT); Karin Orvis and Shonna Waters (APA program Chair and CiT); Maria Rotundo, Shawn Burke, and Suzanne Bell (APS Program Chairs and CiT); Deborah Rupp and Eden King (SIOP Program Chair and CiT); Liberty Munson (SIOP Workshops); and Kurt Kraiger (LEC Chair). When you see Julie in San Diego, buy her a drink—she deserves it!

As Research and Science Officer, Steven Rogelberg seems to have his fingers in many pies. Most recently, he and Tammy Allen (Chair of Scientific Affairs) responded to the Office for Human Research Protection’s proposed changes to the federal regulations governing human research protections. Steven and Tammy also work with Paula Skedsvold from FABBS on a variety of issues related to science advocacy such as nominating members to serve on the National Science Foundation’s SBE Advisory Committee, responding to congressional efforts to cut science funding and monitoring opportunities and threats to the science of I-O psychology. Steven is also responsible for making sure there is follow through on the science advocacy proposal, which was presented by Steve Kozlowski and his team last spring. You should have already have filled out the Science Advocacy Survey. Also, the Institutional Research Committee (Mariangela Battista, Chair) is part of Steven’s portfolio. Mariangela and Steve have been working with a variety of committees to get out three surveys (Science Advocacy, Membership, and Exit) and to build a database so that SIOP can have better member data. This is all a new endeavor and has been a great deal of work for all of those involved. Thanks Steven!

Many thanks go to Lise Saari for her role as Membership Services Officer. Lise has the most committees in her portfolio: Awards (Leaetta Hough, Chair), Committee on Ethnic & Minority Affairs (Kizzy Parks, Chair), Fellowship (Wally Borman, Chair), Historian (Paul Levy), LGBT (Brian Roote, Chair), Membership (Kimberly Smith-Jentsch, Chair) and Placement and JobNet (Matthew O’Connell and Adam Hilliard). This group, spurred on by Lise, has engaged in many new initiatives this year, in addition to their usual duties, which are considerable. A new award was introduced (Distinguished Early Career Contributions Award–Practice), a long-overdue membership survey was launched, an exit survey was introduced, the LGBT group got us an interdivisional grant from APA, and an in-depth analysis of SIOP membership demographics was conducted (more on this in another column). In addition, Lise was instrumental in championing and obtaining input on SIOP’s new professional behavior policy, which will be introduced online at www.siop.org. Lise also deserves a big drink in San Diego!

Mike Zickar, Communications Officer, has both the Electronic Communication Committee (Chris Rotolo, Chair) and TIP (Lisa Steelman, Editor) in his portfolio. Mike works with Chris and Lisa to ensure that we have a great Web site and a really unique professional publication. We all depend on these sources for information about our profession. Thanks Mike!

Finally, there is Mort McPhail, our Financial Officer/Secretary. I need to have Mort present when I do my Christmas shopping to keep me in line. Mort goes above and beyond duty in serving as the custodian of SIOP’s finances. Mort’s duties include budgeting, monitoring our investments, and evaluating Administrative Office personnel issues (raises, promotions, etc.). Most recently, Mort put together a report on the financial outlook for SIOP (which is good) and spurred the EB to engage in strategic planning. Mort has been an invaluable member of the Executive Board and will be sorely missed when he steps down this spring. Thanks go to Mort for steering us safely through a rocky economy.

It’s time to end this column, but before I do I want to thank Doug Reynolds, Eduardo Salas, and Dave Nershi for their wisdom, support, and the million other things that they do. Not even Ed could have put together such a great team!

Wishing you all a peaceful and joyous holiday season.