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From the Editor 

2012: Bring It On!

Lisa Steelman
Florida Tech

Happy New Year! Feliz año nuevo! Gelukkig nieuwjaar! Kul ‘am wa antum bikhair! L’Shannah Tovah! Xin Nian Kuai Le! Gutes Neues Jahr! Nav varsh ki subhkamna! Gelukkige nuwejaar! Kia hari te tau hou! I hope you had a good 2011 and that the new year will be your best yet. SIOP is off to a good start. Last year was a great year, with many new initiatives and accomplishments. You can read about the activities and achievements of SIOP’s officers in Adrienne Colella’s Message From Your President. This year there is much to look forward to. The work of SIOP and its members continues to have an impact on individuals and organizations.

The Featured Articles section provides thought-provoking pieces written by SIOP members. In this issue there is a fascinating account of research on leadership and psychological resilience conducted by an I-O psychologist embedded in an Army unit in Iraq authored by Peter Harms, with Paul Lester. Andrew Lee addresses leadership development from the perspective of mindfulness and mindfulness training, and Maura Mills helps us learn from the past by highlighting the work of Morris Viteles.

Humor is alive and well in SIOP! Thomas Stetz discusses what Santa Claus needs to learn about performance management, and Paul Muchinsky opines on state branding. Most students don’t expect their professors to be amusing, but students at Kansas State University are in luck because Tori Culbertson is funny. Check out her thoughts on an I-O rodeo in this issue.

It can be argued that one of the hallmarks of I-O psychology is our dual science–practice approach. Mike Zickar, one of our intrepid historians, provides an account of the history of the science–practice tension in I-O. Rob Silzer and Chad Parson discuss the composition of SIOP’s committees (appointed and volunteer) and Fellows and other award recipients relative to the composition of SIOP’s members overall. From their data they draw some inferences about SIOP’s emphasis on research versus practice. The Good Science–Good Practice column is a collaboration between a researcher and a practitioner to discuss different perspectives on issues of relevance to the community. This column is undergoing a transformation of sorts. I am pleased to welcome Suzanne Miklos to the column. She will be joining Tom Giberson to provide the practitioner perspective to Tom’s academic perspective in discussions and debates. Their first column together discusses coaching and what coaches can learn from some of the recent publications in the area. We thank Jamie Madigan for his years of contribution to TIP.

In other editorial columns Eric Dunleavy and Art Gutman discuss the Grant v. Metro case On the Legal Front. Tracy Kantrowitz, Craig Dawson, and Rich Cober provide an update on the role of technology in I-O practice—and science—in the Practitioners’ Forum. And Marcus Dickson discusses the innovative use of technology in the classroom—if you have ever considered flipping your classroom, this one is for you. In TIP-TOPics for Students, Chantale Wilson and Aaron Kraus discuss factors associated with the transition to successful graduate student. Stuart Carr continues to present SIOP members with important information on pro-social and humanitarian work psychology, Quo Vadis? In this issue, Stu provides a timely discussion of the gini coefficient, which is a statistical index of the concentration of income in a distribution (such as a county), and some of the I-O implications. And in the report from the SIOP Foundation, Paul Thayer presents information on several grants, scholarships, and other named awards for SIOP members.

For those of you ready to start planning your SIOP 2012 conference adventure, check out reports by Lisa Finkelstein, Deborah Rupp, Ashley Walvoord, and Liberty Munson. There are many exciting events and presentations planned for San Diego! Deirdre Knapp introduces the newly formed External Relations Committee, and Cathie Murensky updates us on resources provided by the Visibility Committee. Finally, check out the overview of the most recent Leading Edge Consortium (LEC) on Designing, Leading, and Optimizing the Virtual Workforce.

All in all, it’s a good year to be an I-O psychologist!