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Visibility Committee Launches Business-Oriented Resource on SIOP.org

Cathie Murensky*
InnoVision International

Most I-O psychologists at one time or another have been asked, “What is I-O?” We may find ourselves struggling to formulate a response that would be interesting and clearly describes what it is we do. After countless explanations, I still don’t think any of my relatives or non-I-O friends have a clue about my degree or the specific skill set I have obtained through my education and experience. As recently as today I read a discussion thread on the LinkedIn I-O group that is tackling this same question.

To alleviate this frustration and provide our fellow members a response to that inevitable question, the SIOP Visibility Committee has recently developed a new resource for marketing the contribution of I-O psychologists. The newly revised Professionals Tab on the SIOP Web site (www.siop.org/ tab_default/professionals_default.aspx) provides an overview of the wide variety of services I-Os can provide to organizations.

The improved page is organized into two columns, one containing information for individual professionals, the other with new information geared toward organizations and businesses. This information is organized into five the stages of the employee lifecycle (strategy and measurement, staffing, learning/development, talent management, and performance management). Within each section, committee members have created a description of the process in layman’s terms, as well as specific examples of how an I-O psychologist’s contribution could add value to an organization. Each section is rounded out by a sample case study that links I-O work to bottom-line business performance. Readers may click on either the title listed under “For Organizations” or the section of the graphic that depicts the stage of the lifecycle that interests you.

The improved page is also available for access by nonmembers. The Visibility Committee encourages SIOP members to share it with current or future clients or leaders within your organization to increase the understanding of the unique contribution I-O psychologists can provide. You may be surprised to see the extent the I-O community can support HRD initiatives across organizations. After creating this resource, it once again makes me pleased to see just how many ways an I-O degree can be applied. I wonder if other degrees have this much diversity (for further proof, review the program from the last conference).
Check out the new Professionals tab today!

*Lisa Roberts and Edward Jones also contributed to this article.