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Calls & Announcements

Open Call for Papers for Business Expert Press

Jean Phillips
(jeanp@rci.rutgers.edu) and Stan Gully (gully@rci.rutgers.edu) are the Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management collection editors for Business Expert Press. This is an open call for papers that address important applied OB and HR topics relevant to current and future managerial practice. Relevant topics encompass broad or general domains (e.g., employee motivation, negotiation, leadership, staffing, compensation, etc.) as well as very specific OB/HR issues (e.g., socially responsible human resource practices, impact of climate or culture on customer service, or the use of social networks in recruiting). Please see the BEP Web site to learn more and to see a complete list of collection editors and topics: http://www.businessexpertpress.com/collections.

Any of several motivations might induce you to contribute a book to this collection. You could use your book to teach or to enhance your consulting practice, and it will provide a source of royalty revenue. BEP will sell the books both in print and in digital collections to the business school libraries of the world. You will also receive royalties for direct-to-consumer sales through Amazon.com and other consumer outlets. BEP also has signed an agreement to distribute selected books and chapters through Harvard Business Publishing. Best of all, you will retain the rights to your work and can republish the material in either shorter or longer form.

The short books (75–150 pages) produced by BEP are used in executive education, MBA programs, advanced undergraduate classes, and in active practice as well as general executive readership. Converting your expertise into actionable knowledge for the executive education market is an important contribution to our field. If you have an idea for a book or if you would like more information about authoring with BEP, please contact us or visit the Web site: http://www.businessexpertpress.com/author.

Journal of Managerial Psychology
New Focus and Call for Papers on Social Issues

The Journal of Managerial Psychology (JMP) has a new focus for special issues on topics relevant to society. World societies are increasingly facing challenges associated with (a) unemployment and job loss, (b) an ageing workforce, (c) a shortage of talented employees, (d) diversity, (e) workaholism and work–family conflict, and (f) the need to develop ethical leaders. Further, results of a study by Cascio and Aguinis (2008) revealed that only 3.9% of articles in the Journal of Applied Psychology, and 6% of those in Personnel Psychology, emphasize social issues. Thus, we believe that JMP can make a unique contribution to the knowledge base in applied psychology on socially oriented topics.

We encourage authors to submit manuscripts on micro-oriented topics associated with social issues. We plan to develop special issues on a variety of social themes but will continue to publish articles in the regular issues on all micro-oriented topics in industrial-organizational psychology, human resource management, and organizational behavior. Currently, we have special issues underway on job loss, heavy investment in work, applied psychology’s contributions to society, and age-related diversity, but we are open to proposals on other topics. Apart from the current best paper awards, we also plan to offer a yearly award for the best paper on social issues.

JMP recently received an impact factor of 2.15 from Thomson Reuter’s Journal Citation Reports. It is ranked as a 21st percentile journal in applied and social psychology, and 25th percentile in applied psychology, social psychology, and management. It has a 15.9% acceptance rate, and the mean time for reviews is about 80 days (i.e., modal time is 45 days).  Please see the Web site for the submission guidelines (http://www.emeraldinsight.com/products/journals/journals.htm?id=jmp).

We look forward to receiving your manuscripts.

Dianna L. Stone
Editor, Journal of Managerial Psychology