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Professional Practice Committee Updates Mark L. Poteet Organizational Research & Solutions, Inc. Greetings SIOP! Over the past few months the Professional Practice Committee (PPC) has made progress on several fronts in its efforts to support I-O psychologists who practice. As can be seen in the current issue of TIP, the second of several planned articles summarizing results of the 2015 Practitioner Needs Survey, authored by Meredith Ferro, Ben Porr, Ted Axton, and Soner Dumani, has been produced. Infor- mation from this survey will be used to help shape the future agenda of the PPC with regard to projects and initiatives that drive practitioner support and development. At the time of this writing, initial results have been reviewed and additional analyses are about to be conducted to finalize the business acumen competency model. In- formation about the competency model will be published early 2016 through multiple communication channels (e.g., TIP; SIOP website; technical report). As was high- lighted in the above-referenced Practitioner Needs Survey article, as well as in the results of the Careers Study of I-O psychologists (e.g., Zelin, Oliver, Chau, Bynum, Carter, Po- teet, & Doverspike, 2015), practitioners view business skills such as strategic thinking and demonstrating ROI as important contribu- tors to their success. Providing detailed in- formation about the key competencies and behaviors of business acumen can help I-O psychologists direct their ongoing education efforts and provide information to SIOP for developing additional learning resources. 158 Practitioner group mentoring is well underway with over 90 protégés and 19 mentors meeting regularly in small groups to discuss practitioner-related experiences, best practices, issues, and topics. Midpulse evaluations are currently being planned and should be rolled out around the time of this publication. Interest in this program continues to grow and in past programs both mentors and protégés reported high levels of benefit and satisfaction. Stay tuned for further communications if you are interested in participating as a protégé or mentor in either the next cycle of group mentoring or the speed mentoring event at the upcoming annual conference. In terms of other learning resources for practitioners, a new SHRM–SIOP Science of HR Series white paper has been pub- lished and posted to the SHRM and SIOP websites. The paper, entitled “Implement- ing Effective Cyber Security Training for End Users of Computer Networks,” was authored by Richard E. Beyer and Bradley J. Brummel and can be found here. Mem- bership subscriptions continue to grow for the SIOP Research Access service, which provides subscribing members access to three EBSCO Host research databases and the SIOP Learning Center. Click on this link to learn about rates and information for this service. Finally, three new practitioner miniwebinars on the subjects of delivering and receiving feedback effectively, best January 2016, Volume 53, Number 3