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Social Media & I-O Psychology: Take the Challenge! Results of a recent SIOP branding study were somewhat bleak. Out of 712 busi- ness and HR professionals sampled, only 19.4% were familiar with I-O psychology and only 8.7% were aware of SIOP (Rose, McCune, Spencer, Rupprecht, & Dro- gan, 2013). With so few HR and business professionals reporting familiarity with our field, how can we best express our expertise and raise levels of awareness? The Benefits of Leveraging Social Media Benefits for SIOP: • Increase I-O visibility with “our knowledge base and disciplinary core” (Ryan, 2003) to create greater aware- ness of our field • Market SIOP to foster brand loyalty and generate credibility across the areas we support • Establish our brand as leading work- place psychologists Benefits for You: • Increase the demand for and market- ability of your own talents to position yourself for future opportunities • Brand yourself around how you want to be perceived and communicate your identity as an I-O psychologist (Poeppelman and Blacksmith, 2014). • Stay up to date on relevant topics and trends by engaging with SIOP on social media so you’ll be alerted in real time on I-O pertinent news To learn how to follow SIOP on social media, visit SIOP’s social media page to access the group links within your favorite tool! Also, engage with other I-O psy- chologists and groups by: • Visiting the Reddit page dedicated to I-Os. • Viewing the Talegent list of the top 50 I-Os who tweet. • Searching social media platforms using keywords (e.g., I-O, SIOP) to reveal others who are interacting with the platform and allow for a larger dialogue. 160 January 2016, Volume 53, Number 3