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SIOP Members in the News Clif Boutelle It’s been 15 years since SIOP created Media Resources, a service that lists SIOP members’ expertise in more than 100 workplace-related subject areas. Media Resources enables reporters to contact a SIOP expert who might be able to contrib- ute to their stories. Since its beginning, the service has proven to be a valuable resource for the media and has resulted in many stories providing opportunities to greatly increase the visibility of industrial and organizational psychology. It has also proven helpful to the SIOP Communications staff in finding and making recommendations to reporters that identify SIOP members and their expertise. Typically, SIOP members are contacted prior to their names and contact information being given to reporters. This is to determine that the member feels comfortable in talking about the topic and story angle with the writer. SIOP members should periodically check Media Resources to update the brief description of their expertise and experi- ence. It is also a good opportunity for SIOP members not listed to add their names and area(s) of specialization. Reporters need to have a brief summary of the area of exper- tise in order for the service to be useful. Following are some of the news stories that have been printed, using SIOP members as resources since the last issue of TIP. 164 Rose Mueller-Hanson of CEB was quoted in an October 26 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette story about performance evaluations. “There’s a growing concern among organizations that are spending a lot of time on administrative processes like filling out forms, doing rat- ings, and having meetings. The truth is we do all this because we hope it will improve performance in organizations, and there is no real evidence it helps,” she said. “Em- ployees don’t like (performance reviews), and managers don’t like them much either because it’s hard on them.” Jennifer Deal of the Center for Creative Leadership has been writing a lot lately about millennials. In addition to a forth- coming book, What Millennials Want from Work, which she coauthored, she has written a series of blogs that appeared in the Wall Street Journal in October on ways millennials are impacting the workplace. She also, with coauthor Alec Levenson, wrote a piece for the October 5 strate- gy+business dispelling the conventional wisdom that millennials are likely to leave their jobs for other opportunities. They found that many are perfectly willing, even eager, to stay with their organiza- tions. However, they are concerned about financial insecurity so are looking for good compensation that will cover their bills and enable them to save for retirement and family, and 95% of the 25,000 mil- lennials surveyed want the flexibility to occasionally work outside the office and January 2016, Volume 53, Number 3