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Dear Morrie,  I would like to sincerely thank you and your staff at TIP for honoring Paul’s memory in the last TIP publication. We are touched that the man we all loved so much was honored with such high esteem and praise. Paul would have loved the cover!  Paul always felt that his book was the best accomplishment that he made in his career. We feel fortunate that Satoris (Tori) Culbertson made such an outstanding contribution to the 11th edition of Psychology Applied to Work ®   as coauthor and that she has signed a long term contract with Hypergraphic Press. Though preliminary, plans are already in the works for the 12 th  edition. Our world changes so rapidly and Tori will ensure that Paul’s life legacy will remain relevant and continue to be updated for future generations of I-O students. We look forward to attending the SIOP conference in 20 years when the time capsule holding the 11th edition of Psychology Applied to Work ®  by Paul and Tori is opened and celebrated.  As one of the original founders of SIOP, contributing to the time capsule was a special honor for Paul, and your tribute in the last TIP issue was a fitting capstone in his 5 decades of work in the field. Sincerely,  Kay Muchinsky The Industrial-Organizational Psychologist 19