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Workplace Health and Well-Being: Advancing SIOP’s Roles and Practitioner Opportunities Robert Bloom Performance Management Associates-HR Laura Freeman Win With HR Valentina Bruk-Lee Florida International University Jerilyn Hayward ServiceMaster Donna Roland SHL Talent Measurement Division of CEB The Professional Practice Committee (PPC), in recent years, has been working to establish and build relationships with organizations in the workplace/employee health and well-be- ing field in order to promote SIOP’s involvement in research and practice efforts, and to identify opportunities for future collaboration to advance practice in this area. Within the past several months the PPC has focused its goals to also provide practitioners with resources and tools to further educate them on research, trends, and best practices, as well as build communities of interest internally and externally to SIOP. Our goal with this column is to provide a brief background on the importance of workplace health and well-being, describe some of the external organizations and resources currently available to practitioners, and outline more details about the PPC’s plans and how practitioners can contribute. The Importance of Workplace and Employee Health and Well-Being As was described in Bloom, Ballard, and Royne (2013), there are several research trends, facts, and statistics that establish the importance of health and well-being issues for both em- ployee and organizational outcomes. For example: • 70% of working Americans cited work as a significant source of stress (American Psychological Association, 2012a) • 41% of employees reported that they typically feel tense or stressed during the workday (American Psychological Association, 2012b) • Low salaries, lack of opportunities for growth or advance- ment, heavy workloads, lengthy hours, and unclear job ex- pectations have all been cited as contributors to employee stress (American Psychological Association, 2012b) • Considerable research has focused on the effects that so- cial stressors in the work environment have on employee well-being (Spector & Bruk-Lee, 2007). The Industrial-Organizational Psychologist 33