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Conversations With Seasoned SIOP Members of the LGBTQ Community: Thoughts and Observations on Past, Present, and Future Pursuit of I-O Careers Steve Discont Illinois Institute of Technology Craig Russell University of Oklahoma Katina Sawyer Villanova University 44 This issue’s LGBTQ column started in a very different direction, and we beg your patience while we explain its evolution—un- derstanding what we learned from conversations with “sea- soned” SIOP members of the LGBTQ community requires a little context. Approximately 25 years ago, one of our commit- tee members (Craig Russell) served on the TIP editorial board and in that capacity interviewed and wrote TIP columns about two icons of I-O psychology, Drs. Charles Lawshe (then age 86) and Morris Viteles (then age 93). In looking around the SIOP LGBT committee meetings at each of the last two conferences, it was very apparent that mid- to late-career members of the SIOP LGBTQ community were not present. Craig got the bright idea to “interview senior SIOP members of the LGBTQ commu- nity” for insight into early career experiences, hurdles, sources of support, and guidance that might inform all SIOP members (students, academics, and private-/public-sector professionals) about their LGBTQ peers. In hindsight, we somewhat naively put together a tentative list of initial questions and then set about how to find “senior members of the LGBTQ SIOP com- munity.” “Naïve” is the operative word in the preceding sentence, as most TIP readers will not be surprised to learn that there is no central registry of senior members of the SIOP LGBTQ com- munity. Craig crafted an email sent to some of his personal friends of similar vintage (i.e., old, and you know who you are!), describing our purpose and asking for help in identify- ing folks to approach for this column. Thanks again to those Craig reached out to for their encouragement and referrals we received! With 20/20 hindsight, we probably should have contacted past chairs of the SIOP LGBT committee, as the com- mittee has been around for some time. As luck would have it, one of the individuals to whom we were referred had in fact held this post; Gene Johnson put us in touch with others. January 2016, Volume 53, Number 3